What are the best tutorials to learn javascript?

I am a beginner and want to learn javascript then which online portal is the best for learning. I came across with the hackr javascript community, so which is the best let me inform or any video channel available to the youtube then let me inform.

If you have followed the codecadamy course on javascript you should know the basics.

  • If you know the basics its usually a good idea to just start some projects for yourself. This way you walk against problems you will need to do additional research for. Its the fastest way to learn.

  • If you aren’t comfortable with the basics yet it is still a good idea to start some small projects. Once you get stuck you can ask google for possible solutions. You will get the hang of things real fast.

Start small if you are creating your own projects. Changing the background with a button click for example.

If you are going to start a project i recommend using the Javascript Docs. This is like the bible to programmers.

Lastly i would like to advice not to participate in to many tutorials. The danger that lies here is that many programmers solve the same problems in diffrent ways. Since you are new to Javascript this could lead to confusing or doubt about the right way of programming. (spoiler: There is no right way.)