What are some ways that SQL is used in data science?



What are some ways that SQL is used in data science?


In the field of data science, there is a process, called the Data Science process, which provides a structured approach to performing experiments with data. In this data science process, some important steps include obtaining data, cleaning and organizing data, and exploring the data. Using tools like SQL, scientists are able to perform these important steps.

When obtaining data, scientists can use SQL to store them in tables and databases.

Once they have obtained the data, they can clean and organize the data utilizing built-in functions and clauses, to do things such as grouping them according to some qualities or conditions. They can also separate the data into different tables based on what kind of information they represent.

After these steps, they will be able to explore the data by utilizing many of the built-in SQL functions, which include functions such as AVG() which returns the average value of a column.

With its many built-in functions and ease-of-use, SQL is a very useful tool to have for data science.