What are some ways that machine learning is applied in the present?


In the context of this lesson, what are some ways that machine learning is applied in the present?


Although it is not quite 2049 yet, as in the exercise’s narration, the applications of machine learning are already impacting the world. Facial recognition has been around for some time and is constantly becoming more accurate. Self-driving cars, and in the near future self-driving flying cars, are already a reality and improving every year. Furthermore, recommendation engines have been applied in video streaming services, social networks, and e-commerce sites, and is getting more precise.

In addition to these, machine learning applies to many other areas. This includes healthcare, such as for the identification of illnesses based on patterns in symptoms. GPS navigation systems utilize machine learning to predict traffic patterns and provide the best routes. Email services utilize machine learning to identify spam or malware. In addition, virtual assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri apply machine learning to learn user preferences in order to better assist them.


I was in a lecture and i learned that it can be utilised to monitor the progress of a building and how it was progressing so that the commissioner of the building did not have to send anyone to see if going to meet the deadline of when it was completed.


I suppose it could be used this way, assuming there were some automatic collection of certain data points on site. Do you have more details on this specific application?

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It can be used in educational institutions to help students better understand the concepts and empower student future. It can be used in healthcare, finance, etc etc… the list go on never end

If you drive a car in just about any major city in the world you will be experienced with machine learning, though might not realize it. Traffic control is a major concern in any urban metropolis. Machine learning helps those systems learn from traffic flow patterns so intersections can be better controlled to accommodate the direction(s) with the greatest traffic load.


Thanx for explaining @mtf

Can machine learning be used to build an AI neural network for characters within a mixed reality environment?

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Yes. It’s already being used in video games.

self-drive car, self-drive plane, VR

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Speech recognition system, Finger print system in our mobiles are example of Machine learning.

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Marketing uses AI heavily to target their audiences. Data analysis and research also use AI in similar ways.

Machine learning software is already spying on our web-surfing behaviour. Will it be able to identify certain patterns and conclude that we are likely to be committing some crime, so that the police can lock us up on the suspicion that we are a potential “national security” threat? In this way, most potential trouble-makers (i.e. 99 percent of the population) will be locked up and the world will be as peaceful as a graveyard for that one percent elite?

Further thought: Using smart software to identify potential trouble-makers is already been applied in China, so that everyone now is on their best behaviour as street cameras are tracking their movements and matching them with those of criminals. Using “gait” technology, it will be good to lock up almost everyone in China.

The Marxist state apparatus in China is already identifying potential anti-social behaviour through the millions of street cameras. Soon, the only way NOT to get arrested is to walk like zombies. Soon the world population will all be the Walking Dead.

I wonder how long speech-recognition has been around for. Do you know?

Machine Learning is also part of recommendation platforms to give users a curated list of videos/movies or content in general they’d most likely be interested in based on their previous activity.

Since the early 50s, but it didn’t really get underway until the 70s.

Speech recognition - Wikipedia

I think in the youtube recommendations, because every day I feel that it is more precise in what I am looking for without asking

Please explain further…

Machine learning helps in predicting weather patterns.