What are some things I can create with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL?


In the context of this lesson, which introduced HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL, what are some things I can create with these languages?


There are countless things you can create using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL, or any combination of these languages. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Here are some examples of what you might be able to do.

With HTML + CSS, you can design almost any static web page that you might have seen online. Some other examples of things you might create are a portfolio site, web pages for events, or a company website.

With HTML + CSS + JavaScript you can make the previously static pages more dynamic. You can also create other projects including browser games such as Minesweeper or Tic-Tac-Toe. You can also create applications such as a To-do-list, or other sites and applications that respond to user interaction.

With all four of the languages, HTML + CSS + JavaScript + SQL, you can create more advanced applications and pages that now introduce databases. You can create things like a blog site, an e-commerce site, or even a social media site. You can also add user profiles and leaderboards to your browser games.

Each language has a specific application and purpose, and the more languages you learn, the more things you can potentially create. The possibilities are endless!


If l try to answer for this equation.
HTML and CSS were used to build just static pages they can’t make more interactive pages or animate functions.
JS, HTML and CSS is used to built-in dynamic website that have more interactive function or events
SQL is used to store data


what tech stack do you need to build mobile apps(iOS & android) with javascript ? (without having to learn swift etc…)

You should look into these technologies:

  1. React Native
  2. Native Script
  3. Ionic

These are frameworks, libraries that you can use to create mobile apps with the generic web languages (HTML*, CSS, JS).

If writing html, css, js is not your priority, you can look at Flutter for cross platform developing.

*: React Native uses custom components for its HTML implementation.


What about if I would like to become a Full Stack Developer? What would you recommend?