What are some of the best projects for a beginner in HTML and CSS?

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What are some of the best projects for a beginner in HTML and CSS?

Here are 2 basic projects to start with: Introduction to HTML & CSS

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I have completed those Anton, I was looking for some projects that are away from here. Thanks for the reply tho!!!:grinning:

Why don’t you start by making a portfolio website for yourself ? The best and fastest way to learn anything is using what you know to create something new.
Btw: Don’t start a wordpress website or something. Write it from scratch. this way you will walk against problems that teach you the most.

This is usually a project they give you in school so it should fit a beginner. Also it can be used later on when you get more experienced.

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best proj3ct for beginners, is just dont start a project…

Thank you very much for your reply!

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: And how are we going to learn better if we do not start a project on what we’re learning ?

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