What are some good note-taking techniques for coding?

I’m beginning to learn how to code with Python through the Computer Science course. One thing I find kind of difficult is taking good notes while keeping track of the different new terminology. Like I still can’t easily point out in lines of code what an argument is.

Is there any note-taking system that people use when programming that is fast, neat, and effective? I understand a lot of this is just practice and repetition, but I want to make sure I learn in the most effective way possible.

I prefer to write down my notes in a small notebook. It just feels simpler, more memorable, and quicker to access. Now, I also have a Surface 3, but no Microsoft Word. So I’m also open to trying some note-taking software.

Also, are there any sort of glossary handbooks for Python and Javascript? I’m learning how to use Python right now, and plan to learn Javascript afterwards, which from what I’ve read so far, is a bit of a journey.

Each lesson has a summery. You could cut and paste that with the code from the completed lesson and print it out on one page. You could then easily flick through the course and it should give you everything you need to jog your memory.

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Or maybe libreoffice ?

If you have a iPad, use Notes.

just use word and write down whatever you dont know and need to remember… (i use 2 screens for the speed)