What are some examples of what javascript can be used to make?

it would be nice, to see on second page # What is JavaScript?
the most power thing (site) or example that PRO coders can create with JS.

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The big problem with this would be the time it would need to create something like this. Almost everything would be possible in Javascript just like in any other language. How good something is is usually depending on how much time is put into them.

Also what you are asking is very broad and opinion based.

the most power thing (site) or example that PRO coders can create with JS.

There is not really such a thing. It all depends on what your goal is.

Here however is a top 21 of some websites that are created with Javascript.

Javascript can be used for much more tho. Jquery for example is also written in Javascript and some might think that is way more admirable than just creating a website since Jquery had a huge impact on web-development.

All Javascript is, is a tool to create things.


Why is the Introduction into JavaScript so horribly explained? It does’t say the purpose of JavaScript. So I’m doing this introduction exercise without knowing my end goal.

Just say it adds behavior and interactivity to a site and give examples.

I found that this introduction has overly complicated things.


Actually there is so much more to know about JavaScript than just its final objective. To be honest with you I am quite a beginner in the coding experience, but one thing that my previous learning experience has taught me is learning the thought process of things. It’s not obvious, JavaScript like C or C++ has been developed over the years, and each language (excluding lesser important modern languages such as Dart for example) search to simplify the latter. Java was actually developed in 1996 amidst the rise of the interactive television boom. However, interactive television saw its own downfall a couple of years later resulting in JavaScript changing its focus to server side development and aiming towards web development. Therefore JavaScript may not have an explicit purpose. Like every other programming language, Java exists for many reasons. However, if you ask me the objective should be to what extent is JavaScript useful? What are its limits and how can users ameliorate the language?

And here I am replying without having even started the course! :sweat_smile:

I hope this optic may help you out to find your goal!