What are some educational and career pathways for people who prefer being honest (awkward phrasing, I know)?

Guys. What I need is not really a career advice, but rather you general thoughts and then some specific ideas. Some of you may recall that I have been writing a Java calculator to apply to an online Java school. Well, the program was accepted and now I have an interview scheduled. There’s one but, though (or rather, more than one, but one is crucial). I just found out that the agreement I had to sign included a clause whereby I have to earn at least ₽100,000 per month (approximately, $1,280). Otherwise, they have little interest in taking you onboard since they retain 17% of your salary for two years after the course completion. I know $1,280 is peanuts by the standards of English-speaking countries, but in this country junior programmers don’t take in that much. How do people at that online school reach that mark then? Well, folks in the course’s Telegram chat told me (those people include those who are currently enrolled or already finished the course) that you basically have to lie. You are supposed to exaggerate your working experience which allows you to pass as a mid-level developer – this practice is encouraged and aided by the course’s “mentors”. Now, I have a choice: to lie or to miss out. Do you have any tips or, perhaps, a bit of emotional support? I didn’t expect this year to kick me in the groin like that at the very start. I had great hopes for that educational opportunity and expected it to jump-start my career. Maybe… There are opportunities outside of Russia that I could access remotely?.. (since I have the advantage of knowing a bit of English anyway)