What are some commonly used modules we might want to import?


What are some commonly used modules we might want to import?


i. There are thousands and thousands of Python modules available for you to import and start using. That’s
great news for us because it saves us from having to reinvent the wheel! Some really common modules
1. Requests to work with HTTP requests
2. Scrapy to build web crawlers
3. Beautiful Soup to make scraped data pretty
4. NumPy for scientific computing
5. Matplotlib to visualize data
6. pygame to build games!


This exercise was confusing in what it wanted us to do. The solution is to just simply print out sqrt(25), but the instruction specifically said to type out “py print sqrt(25)” when the expected solution is just “print sqrt(25)”


Please remove ‘py’, and everything will be OK!


actually, I didn’t quiet understand the role of the header “py” if someone could explain me this ? furthermore, I don’t get it when are we supposed to write “import” ?


be aware that many of us have no idea about programming and we need to be feed as little children in order for us to understand.

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you can import modules just when you need them. Python has thousands of modules, and each one has its own goals