What are some common things to do when cleaning data?

I think you’ve forgotten to put the print code after the code that new urban vs rural code that you’ve entered. There should be another print(new_df.head(15)) at the end of your code.

Hi, I’m running into this issue too. I’m not sure why the commands used to work properly, but I believe that now only 3 rows are eligible to be merged. These are the rows in user_data.csv where only the city name exists without an accompanying state abbreviation. I seem to have had success with creating a couple of new columns in the user_data dataframe and splitting the city and state string into individual city and state columns using str.split(). https://pandas.pydata.org/docs/reference/api/pandas.Series.str.split.html

Yea, mine is blank too. I refreshed it several times.

Codecademy’s crew seems to have completely revamped the tables.

Spoiler alert for the answer below.

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Just letting you know that this lesson isn’t working with the Safari browser (Version 16.5). I get the following error message in the browser area of the Codecademy webpage: {“errors”:[{“detail”:“userID required”}]}.

This happens while loading the page, right at the start, before entering the code print(user_data.head(15)) to see the DataFrame.

It works fine with the Brave browser though.

This is at: Code Foundations Skill Path → Survey of Data Science → The Data Science Process → Clean the Data

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