What are other techniques for testing for regression in an application?



In this lesson, we learn about testing for regression in an application. The technique presented seems to be to run the test suite each time we make an addition. Is there are less time consuming approach to regression testing?


If your application is “small”, you won’t have to worry about running the full test suite taking too much time. If, however, you are experiencing long waits while your test suite runs – and these issues don’t stem from an incorrect implementation – there are at least two alternatives available to you.

  1. First, there is regression test selection. Unlike running the entire test suite, with this technique we set, and conditionally, execute different groups of test cases rather than automatically executing each group.
  2. Second, there is test case prioritization. Here, we prioritize test cases so as to increase the test suite’s rate of fault detection. Test case prioritization techniques schedule test cases so that the test cases that are higher in priority are executed before the test cases that have a lower priority.

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