What are examples of programs we use every day?

When we look back, this has been part of cars since the Cadillac Seville in the mid 70s, a car with more computers on board than the Apollo Mission.

How long have we had ABS? Electronic Ignition? Climate Control? Traction Control? The list is long of the computers we’ve been using every day and not even thought about it.

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autoclave,siri,bank app

calculator, Browsers, OS, SaaS products

some examples of programs we use every day include WIFI internet television. smart phone’s, GPS, printers, games, air fryers, audio books, DVD’s, CD’s, weather maps, calculators, & video technology.

adaptive cruise control in a car

Youtube would be one

When the doors of a business slide open for anything in the range of the sensor,
Unlocking your vehicle with a fob and only that one unlocks, despite several others of the same make/model are in the area,
Doorbell - Ring, brings this to a new level,
Diabetes testing kits for home use to monitor conditions,
Anytime you use a card to pay,
Here is one for @relentless01 / - The 12 steps -

I can think many devices but there is one that is very special: my glucometer. Helps to keep my blood sugar contolled.

Alarm clock is a big one that I use every single day without realizing.

Music production software… DAW’s like FL Studio, Pro- Tools, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live all are examples of how I use programming as a audio engineer and music producer.

My best answer would be programs like Outlook and Gmail. I use them every day in my current 9-5 and it is a big primary source of communication in a business context besides phone calls.

My favourite, the coffee machine.

For me in a typical day: phone alarm app, microwave timer, thermostat, traffic light timing, secure door access control, motion detection lighting, CCTV system software, SCADA, train control software, P25 radio console, Windows 10, Teams, Outlook, Firefox, git, VSC, Vivaldi. Or something like that. Probably not a comprehensive list :slight_smile:

In my day job I use salesforce for customer service. It stores customers information and the reason they have contacted the company.

Alexa, printer, laptop, mobile phones etc

android :heart_eyes:


By the way, an interesting fact is that often mobile platforms throw similar applications into a ban. Because their code is similar between others. Like carsharing, for example, they have the same essence, they are simply produced by different companies. I heard about the AppRefactoring service, it seems to help with uniqueness. What do you think?

A program that I use daily is Auto-Pilot in my car.

Best example of program would be the platform where we are sharing our view about the program.

3dsmax, rhinoceros, spotify, etc