What are examples of programs we use every day?



In the context of the lesson, what are examples of programs we use every day?


If you have a computer or smartphone, then chances are you use programs every day.

Every computer runs on an operating system, which are programs that help us to have file systems, run applications, and connect hardware like mouses or keyboards to interact with the software.

Smartphones also run on operating systems, and usually have many “apps” or applications that you might use like an alarm clock or fitness tracker. These “apps” are programs.

Internet browsers like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer are programs that are used very frequently, and required if we need to perform searches on the internet or check our email.

Furthermore, if we want to watch a movie or listen to music on our computer, we use programs in the form of media players like Windows Media Player or VLC player.

Programs have become quite important and are an integral part of many peoples’ day-to-day lives!