What are examples of programs we use every day?


In the context of the lesson, what are examples of programs we use every day?


If you have a computer or smartphone, then chances are you use programs every day.

Every computer runs on an operating system, which are programs that help us to have file systems, run applications, and connect hardware like mouses or keyboards to interact with the software.

Smartphones also run on operating systems, and usually have many “apps” or applications that you might use like an alarm clock or fitness tracker. These “apps” are programs.

Internet browsers like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer are programs that are used very frequently, and required if we need to perform searches on the internet or check our email.

Furthermore, if we want to watch a movie or listen to music on our computer, we use programs in the form of media players like Windows Media Player or VLC player.

Programs have become quite important and are an integral part of many peoples’ day-to-day lives!


Calculator and watch are essentials for me.


How about microwave oven, coffee maker, kitchen range, washing machine, clothes dryer, alarm clock, VCR or DVD player, &c.?


MacOS, Windows, Android, Games, Apps etc


Auto mode in a car, asking alexa about weather.

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Pretty much all of my audio programs for when I do audio engineering work. And my smart TV

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How about an electric vehicle? Or a car?


Yes, with smart cars on the rise we’re starting to see more code involved with modern vehicles.


Video games, Alexa, Coffee machine, TV, Computers.

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Banking and financial software, weather apps, “smart” household appliances, internet shopping, inventory control, “smart” traffic control, automatic timers especially those that monitor and react to certain conditions, interactive toys, security systems, phone system greeting menus, satellite tracking software, email, vehicle emissions controls, social media, breaking news alerts, and electronic calendars are just a few of the many software programs that I can think of that I use on a daily basis. Fun little exercise.


Or routers, “smart” switches (L2 + L3), any internet equipment…

Camera, phone galery, calculator, clock, music apps, netflix are in my day to day.

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I guess tv :woman_shrugging:

Hello all!

Some examples I could think of are Tv, Printer, Car stereo system and internal computer to play music and connect phones and gauge how much gas I use.

Music streaming services on a computer/tablet/phone.

Excel, word powerpoint etc…

SO many things when you start to think about it!

for me, at least twice a week i use an excel sheet and everyday i have to use solidworks at work, but for entertainment every single day i use Spotify for hours.

We basically use apps on our phones everyday. For example, I go onto my banking app to check my balance. Also, I use other apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and investment apps such as Stash and Acorns. We generally use some kind of program for everything in our lives.

Using the remote control. When we press the bottons on the remote a piece of information is send to our tv sets.

Some Programs I use are my phone, the whether app, alarm, calculator

Our Genetic Code and our Soul. I am not a scientist, but the mitochondrial level consciousness is awesome. Seeing how those little things know exactly what they have to do and how to cooperate is unbelievable. For me it looks like they are running on a program, but maybe it is just because it is easier for the human brain to find a system in it and understand it on a simple level.

Inventions of smart cars to be incorporated in our daily commute.