What am I supposed to find from the documentation?

I’m new to JavaScript, but when it hits the instructions:

" Find a method on the [JavaScript Math object] that returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to a decimal number.

Use this method with the number 43.8 . Log the answer to the console."

This apparently explains how to do: console.log(Math.ceil(43.8));

Which I think it clearly doesn’t (Whats with the hint being .ceil rather than it actually being a part of an example, or part of the instructions itself?) Codecademy wants me to find my own method, but when I click the link I have no idea where to start. Then it says it wants specifically .ceil

As a complete noob it would be much better to see clearer instructions, as codecademy is my only resource for learning right now.

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This would suggest scroll down through the definitions until you find the explanation that matches exactly the text given in the narrative.

The ceiling of 0 is 0. The ceiling of 14.0 is 14. The ceiling of 0.1 is 1 and ceiling of 14.1 is 15. Does that help the explanation sink in?

It’s not just you. I’m a beginner myself and my lesson hit a complete wall on this page. There’s really no clear explanation as to what you are even looking for. I understand problem solving is a big part of it but this is really confusing. Sucks because all of the other courses on codecademy are great.

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Totally agree with you here, totally new to JS, got to page 9/10 and suddenly it expects you to be an expert of knowing where to look and what you are looking for. I have taken the CSS and html courses and they have far easier explanations then this course.

only on step 9/10 and already deciding to give up even trying to do this course, if this is the start i dread to think what it will be like throughout the course.