What am I supposed to do?


Hello everybody, I am a new user on Codecademy. I am currently at the syntax section of CSS Declarations. They asked me to change the font color, and then, the font size. I was able to write the code for font color, but have trouble adding the font size. Below are what I've written so far for the exercise and the questions I'm working on.

  1. In style.css, change the color of the heading to FireBrick.
    . 2.
    Add another selector that changes the font-size of the paragraph to 18px.

Note: All HTML elements have unique properties that can be styled using a variety of values. The purpose of this lesson is to become familiar with CSS syntax. Later in the course, we'll explore specific properties and values for HTML elements.

h1 {
color: FireBrick; font-size: 18px;


They want you to change the paragraph to 18px not the header.

Here's a start:

h1 {
   color: FireBrick;

p {
/* set the font-size in here */


Thank you so much sgt.schultz! Really appreciate your help!


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