What am I missing? What is wrong with my coding in Javascript?


I am on Lesson 4 (Parameters II) The Functions I have done and passed all the instructions in the lesson 4, but I am unable to get the result printed on the screen It is showing error.


Oh sorry! I had missed the + before topping.:joy:


Hi @muhammadtalal,

Great that you manage to debug your own code! :smiley:

One thing to mention, you will notice when you run the code, your console.log would print weirdly without extra spaces, like:

Order:thin crustpizza topped withGreen
Order:medium crustpizza topped withBacon
Order:pan crustpizza topped withSausage

Just add some spaces into your console.log:

console.log('Order: ' + crustType + ' pizza topped with ' + topping);

Add a space after “Order:” word, before “pizza” and after "with.

Then your console would print fine sentences.

Order: medium crust pizza topped with Bacon



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