What am I doing wrong?!?!?!


****NEVERMIND I AM A DUMBASS AND WAS TYPING 'This condition is false' NOT 'The condition is false'****
Stuck on All Together in controls and conditions. Super frustrated and maybe I'm missing something here but I swear the code is exactly as it should be. Stupid computer wouldn't let me upload a screenshot. Hopefully someone can help me quickly so I can move on.

This is the error message I am receiving even though my screen is showing "The condition is false"
**Oops, try again. It looks like your code didn't print 'The condition is false'. Make sure your if/else statement is set up correctly, and that your condition evaluates to false.


        // Write your if/elseif/else statement here!
       if(13 < 5) {
            echo "This condition is true";
        else {
            echo "This condition is false";


Aii.. Good you got that resolved. :wink:


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