What am I doing wrong?

So I’m currently working on the Chore Door project…Here’s the project link Question 53 asks us to wrap the onclick functions in an if statement, but I noticed that once I do all my doors suddenly become unresponsive. I followed the video and hint multiple times and it happens every time! Please help!!!

Difficult to say without seeing the code. The project link will open my own version of the project (based on logged in user)

so please copy paste your code to the forum

also, you can use the console (f12, then console tab) to see if you have any errors

Thanks, but I seem to have solved the problem! :smiley: I do have one other question: Can whether or not DOM methods are separated by other global variables affect how code behaves? For example:
line 1 let document.method1();
line 2 let variable = value;
line 3 let document.method2(); and so on…

Very unlikely, you would to do something exceptional

Okay, I was curious because immediately after grouping the DOM methods together my code was suddenly working again! :smiley: Also all methods and variables were at the top before any functions. Anyway, thanks again!