What am I doing wrong?


Can someone tell me what I'm missing here? It feels right but doesn't work and I'm lost at this point.

// Not sure where to begin? Check the Hint!
var = "date"
if (date === 133) {
statement = "I finished my first course!"
else {
statement = "I'm not done yet!"


Avoid "not working" when describing a problem, it doesn't say much.
Explain what it does differently from what you want instead.


js need a semicolon in the end of every statement


I just put them in and it still doesn't work.


This is my error - SyntaxError: Unexpected token =


ohhhhhh rigth. Your var = date is the problem.
date is the name of the variable?
You declare a variable in js like that:
var date = "something";


The date is equal to 133rd day of the year.


Your code says nothing about days or years.


Now it says I didn't log anything. I changed var = date to var date = 133.


If it says you didn't log anything, then you can probably assume it wants you to. And then your next step is to consider whether you are doing so or not.


I'm probably just not entering it correctly. Now it says I'm not finished yet but doesn't say what I need it to. I appreciate your trying to help, please don't give up on me.


I finally got it to work!!!!!

// Not sure where to begin? Check the Hint!
var dayoftheyear = "133"
if (dayoftheyear === "133") {
console.log("I finished my first course!");
else {
console.log("I'm not done yet!");