What am I doing wrong?

Hello! I am on the Taking A Vacation section. I am on level 3/7 called Getting There. I am asked to define a function for the plane/travel prices. I believe I am doing everything write but I am getting an error alert. If someone could either tell me what I am doing wrong or point me in the right direction that would be cool! :slight_smile:

Here is a picture of everything I am doing, including the error message and my directions.


Any help would be a appreciated. Bye! :slight_smile:

a function parameter should be a variable, not a string

the parameter gets its value from argument at function call:

def example(my_parameter):
   print my_parameter

example("hello world")

the argument ("hello world") gets passed to the parameter, if it helps, this is is a visual representation of what is happening:

my_parameter="hello world"

if the parameter (like in your case) is a string, we try to assign a string to a string, that won’t work

Oh… I thought my argument could be a string. The directions kind of threw me off when it told me the argument should be a string. Thanks for the help!

the argument at function call can be, the parameter (when you define function) can’t be. Unfortunately, some people don’t get the terms right.