What am I doing Wrong!?!?



File "python", line 6
Print "the_machine_goes"
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

the_machine_goes = "Ping!"
Print "the_machine_goes"


Do you see the error? The little arrow under the first letter in Print, that's where your problem is.


Python is CASE-sensitive.


You have to make Print begin with a lowercase p so it reads print not Print


First of all, when you wrote Print, python is case sensitive, so the p needs to be lowercase.
Also, are you trying to print a string? When you tried to print

you are printing a string, not the string value of the variable.


the_machine_goes = "Ping!"
print (the_machine_goes)

You Got This..


thanks, i have managed to get it right now.


remove the quotations because print will literally print the string the machine goes goes if its in quotes but if you just put the machine goes after print it will print Ping!


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