What am i doing wrong?


It tells me to ask the user where they are from using prompt.
I did this:
prompt("Where are you from");
I also tried this:
prompt("Where they are from");
Can someone help me?


Could be the editor is being literal and not accepting it because it's looking for a question mark in there.

I would suggest reloading the page (that usually helps clear up any systemic issues) and then trying the first example you posted above, but including a question mark.

prompt("Where are you from?");


Are you getting a popup window with your question in it?


Are you sure you assigned that to a variable? eg var country = prompt("where are you from?")
if yes, did you ask the exact question the instruction asked you to ask word for word?


Same issue for me. Even if I copy the example into the editor it still doesn't work. I get the message null as a result?


Are you getting a popup window with null in it?


you must answer the question you ask
prompt("where are you from?"): ("america")