What am i doing wrong?(reset II)

i typed

  git reset 9264b0e

but when i log again the commit is still there…
and i also get the error message called ‘Did you copy the first 7 characters of a commit SHA and paste them after the git reset command?’

but i checked SHA and i copied it right…
pls help i’m stuck

to me, it now looks like you used 5 characters of the SHA string/key, 7 seems to be the minium

@stetim94 edited the question sry

can i see the output of git log? And a screenshot would also be really nice. If you reset to the latest commit, the latest commit isn’t deleted, it simple reset the staged files

@stetim94 added a screenshot

super weird, that should work. what if you try a earlier one:

git reset eaafdae505e61

i know, that are more then 7 char, but should work

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@stetim94 OMG this thing is super super weird now after i tried reseting the second commit ‘the larry one’ and when i logged again it reseted my 1st commit anyway i can move on
thanks for your help

yes, that is the whole point of a reset. Later commits are deleted. Only if you reset to the latest commit, the commit stays, the files are simple unstaged (staged files are files you added with git add)

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@stetim94 oh so reset sends you to the back in time to commit you mentioned in the command thnx…

Yes, which is really useful when you mess up big time, you can go back in time :smiley: that is why the commit messages are so important, so you remember what you did at which point, if you edit a lot of files, doing git diff can be a lot of work

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