What am I doing wrong here? Instructions say use 10, 20 and 40px

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​​​Hi Irene,

Your code isn’t currently visible. Please edit your post to format it, then comment back so we’ll know you’ve updated the code. You can format code by selecting it all while in the post editor, and pressing Ctrl/Cmd + K, or by adding a new line and three backticks (`) before and after your code, like this:

<code> will show up properly here


Once in the help forum, how do I find the post editor.? Sorry I’m so dense about this. Thanks

There’s a little pen icon along the bottom of each of post that belongs to you, and clicking it will let you edit your post. And don’t worry about asking for help! That’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:

The pen icon I see just asks if I want to save or delete post!

^ if you click on the pen icon along the bottom of your post, like the one shown above, does a text box not slide up for you to edit your post in?
It might be helpful if you provide a screenshot of what you’re clicking and what happens next.

Well it shouldn’t… :confused:

It should be like this:

Do you see that icon?
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I had a friend help me solve the problem, which is a recurring one. When a code line automatically goes down to next line because of no space left on original first line, an error message comes up, even though the coding is correct.

When long lines of code are involved, as in html II, section 9- font color, this cannot be fixed because the coding space is blocked by the “screen” on the right and the instructions on the left. I use a 15 inch mac air.

I cannot continue the course unless this issue is solved. Please help, and thanks.

After tryiing 9 times more, it finally went through, but definitely problems there.

That doesn’t sound right - I would really appreciate if you would post your code so we can look through it, but I’m glad you were able to get through the exercise :slight_smile:

Thanks, neither I nor my friend thought it made sense either, but she didn’t have time to show me how to send my “code” to you, family emegency on my part. I will ask her how to do that next time, as I’m sure it will make things easier for both of us. Again, thanks so much for your help!

Maybe it was just a bug on that particular lesson no?

@bitrunner69696 I’ve already shown you how to share code, see above:

Quite possibly, yes.

Anyway, I hope your family is OK!