What am I doing wrong? Help with "src attributes issue"

Hello all,
I am trying to finish up this portion of the lesson: 37% through it.
For some reason when I try to save and move forward it says “!*** OOPS!, try again. It looks like not all of your images have a src attributes. Add them in like this <img src="website address"/>!”
I thought I did that well. Also I did have the this before:
<a ahref
<a image
Either will not let me go forward. Please explain what I am missing or miss typed. I copied the exact address. So those should be right.

My following code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css" />
		<title>My Photo Page</title>
	<th colspan="3">Red Wings Line Combinations</th>
<a href <image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/AbdelkaderJustin.png"/> </a> </td> 
<a <image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/ZetterbergHenrik.png"/></a> </td>
<a <image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/Larkin-Dylan.png"/></a></td> 
<a <image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/TatarTomas.png"/></a></td> 
<a <image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/DatsyukPavel.png"/></a></td> 
<a <image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/Mantha-Anthony.png"/></a></td> 
<a <image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/NyquistGustav_1.png"></a></td> 
<a <image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/SheahanRiley.png"/></a></td> 
<a <image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/Athanasiou-Andreas.png"/> </a></td> 
My Photo Page
Red Wings Line Combinations
<a href <a <a
<a <a <a
<a <a <a

An incomplete link. Eg.

    <a href="example.com"><img src="example.jpg"></a>

Like so?

<a href="dailyfaceoff.com"><image src="http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/media/jerseys/AbdelkaderJustin.png"/> </a>

Yes, just like that, except image should be img. There is no image tag in HTML.