What am I doing wrong? 3.Function Syntax


I already give the function a name!


You need a semicolon after sayGreeting("Orisis")


Tried that, doesn't work.


Maybe change the console.log to console.log("Great to see you, " + name); rather than the extra concatenated space in the middle?

Further, if it doesn't work after that, refresh the page and try re-submitting.


Nope, nothing is working. It's working perfectly, but I'm still getting You did not call the greeting function. Pass it a name!


Is the function supposed to be named sayGreeting() or is it supposed to be greeting()?

Further, is the sentence suppose to end in a period?

The grader can be very picky.


It was supposed to say greeting! Thanks!


i got the same problem. There's something wrong in the lesson I think.