What AI and ML related courses should I take? And in what order?

Hey, I’ve been programming with Python for a year now and I’ve grown pretty comfortable with the language. I’ve fully completed the Introduction to Python3 Course and just started the Intermediate Python Course. Recently I’ve been interested in the AI and Machine Learning Courses/Skill Paths/ Career Paths Codecademy has to offer, but I’ve been confused about where to start due to the vast amount of lessons there are. Any recommendations on where I should start and in what order?

Btw, I’m looking into making my own AI project soon, so any class recomendations related to this would be really helpful.

AI generated response, but still, thanks for the advice


Whichever one you end up doing I recommend brushing up on related stats, math, and data science. I’m in an AI study group with some company engineers and although we can code any bits the pain point is always not enough chops in maths/stats.


Additionally, (and I’m not sure if you did this yet or if it’s even helpful) there’s a quiz you can take at the top of the courses page that might guide you in a direction. There’s also a statistics course that might be worthwhile looking into as well.

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I’ll give it a look. Thanks