What about windows?

Can someone tell me where to learn the windows command line? because the command line offered here is useless to me, I can never buy a mac, what do I do???

well, windows has cmd and powershell, both of which have plenty of tutorials online, just go out and find them

mac is by far not the only operating system using BASH. Bash is the default shell in many *nix based and derivative operating system such as freeBSD and Linux. I don’t buy it you can’t afford Linux

speaking of Linux, many webservers run linux, so being slightly familiar with the deployment environment if you want to do web development, is quit useful.

some of the companies that use linux include: google, amazon, codecademy, facebook, amazon, twitter and NASA. And many more, but too many to list here

codecademy teaches mostly web development, so a course for Bash makes more sense then cmd/powershell

google took linux (kernel) as a starting point for android, Linux is everywhere, and will be for many years/decades to come


my answer my sound a bit harsh, but now you know that you are looking for CMD (which isn’t much) or powershell (which is what you should learn for serious tasks), finding the tutorials should be pretty easy :slight_smile:

and i just wanted to let you know that there is more to bash then just macOS

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Thanks for the help, I am a bit clear on this regard; I was just hoping CMD would be available on codecademy but alright, I’ll look it up

i wouldn’t learn CMD, you can move some files and do some very basics stuff. Then learn bash and look how you can apply those commands in CMD

Windows has the habit of adding new features (powershell) then improving the existing code of already existing feature (cmd)

for anything else, use powershell, powershell is much more powerful

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Okay thanks, I only want to learn it is because I want to deploy a website and this course isn’t in CMD so that confuses me; I mean, would it still be usefull or not?

so you can think because you can do one thing with tool x (bash) you can do the same with tool y (cmd)? It doesn’t work like that. Install the right tool for the job

Then just install WSL (windows subsystem for linux) if you have windows 10:

if you have an older windows version you can install cygwin or consider other means of installing Linux (dual boot, VM)

What you currently attempting to do, really requires Linux (or mac). But linux is free and can be installed on your PC.

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Right thank you! I do have windows 10, I will get right to it, the subsystem should be an immense help

On one hand it’s good to learn the os you’re using, on the other hand perhaps the os to use for such tasks isn’t windows
(because of vendor lock-in and because it’s a proprietary product)

You could argue for learning the os that you are using, and I would agree. There’s no clear cut here.

I’d say you should learn powershell if you specifically want to mess around with windows-y things. And I’d say you should stay away if the purpose is to make neutral things, and instead pick something more neutral (bash and the things you usually find there)


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