Whale Talk Project

Here’s my code for the whale talk project. My goal was to try and figure it out from the general instructions rather than take it step by step. I came up with the below and it works, but I’m unclear why it’s not THE right answer. It seems to exclude the IF/ELSE statements for EE and UU in favor of doubling up on the .push if it is ‘e’ or ‘u’. Is this solution just as good or is there some way to break it that I’m not seeing?

When you say, ‘not the right answer’ does that mean it does not pass the SCT?

How familiar are you with the, for..of statement?

I just meant it’s not the final code used on the Project Walkthrough video, but it seems simpler than what was done. I’m curious as to whether or not my code is truly sufficient.

for…of is actually on the schedule for tmrw, so not at all familiar yet.


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Come back to this project after that and see what you can revise.

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Even cleaner still!

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