Whale Talk Project

Hi guys,

Here’s my code and questions for the Whale Talk Project:

let input = ‘a whale of a deal!’
let vowels=[‘a’,‘e’,‘i’,‘o’,‘u’]
let resultArray=

for(let i = 0;i<input.length;i++){
for(let k=0;k<vowels.length;k++){
}else if(input[i]=‘u’){
resultArray.push(input[i]) // why is push “input[i]”, aren’t we should get vowels to replace in the resultArray?

Also, the task 13 is “Try other tests like 'Hi, Human' (to get IUUA ) or 'a whale of a deal!' (to get 'AAEEOAEEA' ).”, but my 'Hi, Human' is get UUUUUU all the time; my 'a whale of a deal!' is get UUUUEEUUUUEEUU.

Thanks for all the help!

See anything wrong, here?

oh! should be ===

thanks a lot!

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