Whale talk project expert video is unusable

In the Whale talk project I followed the expert video walk through exactly how he does it and each time it does not work. It became apparent around step7 when asked to check the work all you get is an error message printed to the console while in the video he actually gets something printed to console. This is incredibly frustrating.

Hello, @dendroman, and welcome to the forums.

Could you share a link to the exercise, and post your code that you wrote from the video? If you’ve never posted code to the forums before, please review How do I format code in my posts?

I also need help, I have yet to consult the video as I am trying to fix it on my own. What I’m experiencing is that instead of doubling a ‘u’ or an ‘e’ it is pushing it 6x to the resultArray…

With a little help from folks on Twitter I solved it two different ways:

Solution 1 (move the if statements for ‘e’ and ‘u’ out of the embedded loop and into the first loop)

Solution 2 (add the comparison condition between arrays to the if statements)