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Hello, I’ve been working on the Whale Talk / Loops Project and I can’t seem to get my code to log to the terminal. this is my code

const input = “turpentine and turtles”;

const vowels = [“a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, “u”];

const resultsArray = ;

for (let inputIndex = 0; inputIndex < inputIndex.length; inputIndex++) {
console.log(inputIndex is ${inputIndex}.);
for (let vowelsIndex = 0; vowelsIndex < vowels.length; vowelsIndex++) {
console.log(vowelIndex is ${vowelsIndex}.);

If someone can please tell me what I’m doing wrong I would really appreciate the help.

// Your code
for (let inputIndex = 0; inputIndex < inputIndex.length; inputIndex++) {
for (let inputIndex = 0; inputIndex < input.length; inputIndex++) {

Thank you very much! this fixed the problem immediately.