WHALE TALK confussion

i really got confused here as i was following an instruction and got stuck at this part and then when i went to the the video,the author reads the instruction but does it different.
And i understood his method,but not the INSTRUCTION that was given as it didn’t work for me.

And its not a first time i see that is done differently in a video,plus some instructions can be very confusing.
At least from a perspective of a person that has no developing background and is here to learn.

just to clarify…
instruction says to .push input[i] in resultArray and he did .push with ‘ee’

There are often multiple ways to solve a problem. A valuable skill to have/thing to learn would be to consider different approaches and think about pros and cons of each approach.

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hi @stetim94
Yes i understand you and i realize that but that wasn’t the point.
If i’m reading an instruction of something i’m still trying to learn ,and if there is a walkthrough if i cant figure it out i guess the logic would be to do it in a same way as it asks,cause it can be misleading ,
how am i supposed to know the second approach if im here to learn the first… :slight_smile:

But anyway thanks for reply @stetim94, i’m kind of a slow learner so i get frustrated easily :grin:

@design1389826683 I agree.
This specific instruction in step 9 confused me too.

I did what I understood: using an ‘if’ loop to check if string[i] is a vowel and pushing it to the results array (then nesting the next two conditions inside this one to push the additional ‘e’ or ‘u’).
It worked for me :slight_smile:

Please don’t get frustrated! The whole idea of a self-paced course is so we can go as fast or slow as we need to :heart:

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