Whale project

Hi everyone,

I can’t see where is my mistake, the video guide for this exercise follows different instructions than the ones in the codeacademy panel.

For the string “a whale of a deal!” I am gettin “aaeeeeeeoaeeeeeea” while it should be " AAEEOAEEA )

Here is my code, Whale Project , I really hope somebody can help me.

Thank you.

the following conditional is problematic:

if (input[i] === 'e')

this condition is true for each iteration of vowels loop. So when input[i] is e, you get pushed into your results array: aeeiou.

i would really recommend this tool to help you understand your code and the problem:


which very likely works better then an explanation.

Thank you for the answer and for the website.


I think I got the the problem was. In that website most of the people is working with python a few with JS but it was great to see how my code ran.

Thank you.


else if (input[i] === 'uu'){

shouldn’t this be:

else if (input[i] === 'u'){

that you add two uu's when a vowel is u? (don’t know the exact requirements from the top of my head)

anyway, the rest of your logic seems good now :slight_smile: Much better to figure it out yourself then any explanation could possible hope to achieve.

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Way to go, but now you need to be able to work with sentences that have both capitals (‘A’) and no capitals (‘a’). And your result should be a string with capitals.

In this approach, that is correct.

Happy Coding

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I forgot to change that one. Thank you!