Weren't we creating HTML documents in lesson 1 of "Learn HTML"?


This exercise says that we will use what we learned in lesson 1 to create an HTML document in lesson 2. Weren’t we already creating HTML documents in this lesson?


Not quite. This lesson focused on some common elements developers use within the <body> tag. The content of the <body> tag will display on a page but, as you will learn in lesson 2, HTML documents also have a document type declaration and metadata which is not displayed on the page.


While we might have been creating an HTML doc in lesson one it was not a one with a great semantic structure. Reviewing the Video at the end of lesson 1 called HTML Structure made me wonder why we were taught to use the “div” tag at all. In the video, the narrator “cleans” up a bunch a code that suffers from divitis replacing all the existing “div” tags with others like “section”, “nav” and “small”. She shows why she did this by using the “tree” structure and comparing a before and after graphics of the information architecture and the difference between a semantically thoughtful doc and a semantically meaningful one. Apparently, with the advent of HTML 5 we can now semantically meaningful tree structures. It made so much more sense to see the content grouped like this. PLUS she had a tool to clean up the indentation of the code which answered another question that I had about the structure of the indentations. I was not clear as to whether you could indent an indent. The video showed that yes, you can do that to a number of levels. Thanks for creating this video, CodeAcademy, as it helped to clarify a number of issues…