Were is my mistake

can someone please help me find my mistake? in this

console.log(‘Teaching the world how to code’.length)

Perhaps you forgot the semi-colon at the end?

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Hi @dr.hamsung,

If this is an exercise question, it would be best to provide the url of that lesson (link), so that anyone would be able to help you better. Do state if there’s also any error showed when you submit your answer.

mainly the problem is when i run it. It says did you use the string teaching the world how
to code. i went word for word and it still says that. pease help


This is how it should appear. String in yellow. If it doesn’t turn yellow, you’re misusing the quotes.

If this is exactly what you have, then try using another browser.

The problem is your quotation mark.

What is wrong with his quotation mark?

‘’ <-- in UTF8 \xe2\x80\x98\xe2\x80\x99 (OP’s quotation mark)
’’ <-- in UTF8 \x27\x27 (quotation mark that Javascript can be identify)

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