Welp project task 7

Hi guys, I am new to this and having trouble in understanding what how to figure out this question.

link: https://www.codecademy.com/paths/analyze-data-with-sql/tracks/analyze-data-sql-join-data/modules/analyze-data-sql-practice-joins/projects/sql-welp

Here is the link if anyone can explain the answer to me that would be awesome. I believe, using the hint, I’m supposed to put “NULL”, but am unsure. any help would be appreciated.

Please post the code you’ve written so far.

(and yes, you’re correct–you have to use NULL for the places that don’t have any reviews).

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Hey, I am also stuck on this one. Came up with the solution I posted below but not sure if it is the correct way, Would appreciate it a lot if someone could confirm :slight_smile:

WITH reviews_2020 AS (
FROM reviews
WHERE strftime(“%Y”, review_date) = ‘2000’

FROM places
LEFT JOIN reviews_2020 ON places.id = reviews_2020.place_id;

I think you meant ‘= 2020’

Might want to double check that JOIN clause. If I’m not mistaken, that should be something like:

FROM places
JOIN reviews2020 ON
reviews2020.place_id = places.id;