Welp Project - Step 8

Good morning, all

Working through this ‘Analyze Data with SQL - Welp Project’. I’m on step 8 and can’t figure out why this query I wrote isn’t returning any data. It isn’t bring up an error either. Here is what the question is looking for:

Sometimes on Welp, there are some old reviews that aren’t useful anymore.

Write a query using the WITH clause to select all the reviews that happened in 2020. JOIN the places to your WITH query to see a log of all reviews from 2020.

(This will use the WITH clause as well as the strftime() function. See if you can use Google to dig up some information about the function before take a look at the hint.)

Here is the code that I have to accomplish this:


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

I think I may have figured out my own question. After reviewing the STRFTIME() query document I noticed that my ‘%y’ should be ‘%Y’. Once I fixed that I got results from my query.


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