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console.log('Hello world!');
Kanban projet
    <h1>The messsage  of the day </h1>
    <p id="message">print message hiere</p>
        const dailyMessage = ['You were born to lead and are used to facing challenges', 'You are down to earth but you need to believe in something more',
                 'Brightness flows within the depths of your psyche this morning', 'Today will be a good one to do the unexpected', 
                 'Nurture yourself while embracing transformation', 'Trust in yourself and your abilities as the Capricorn moon blows',
                 'You live to jump into the passenger seat','Cover all of the details before tackling tasks today']
                 let randomMessage = "";
                 function messageGen() {
                     randomMessage = dailyMessage[Math.floor(Math.random()*dailyMessage.length)];
                     return randomMessage;
                 document.getElementById("message").innerHTML = messageGen();