Well you know the while-do loop is difficult so i faced a problem to


it is giving an error message
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end on line 20

on executing this code

//Add while loop below
$auff = 0;
$sas = 10 ;
while ($sas > $auff){
echo "

auff is comming

$auff = $auff++;
echo "

here auff is


i don't no why it is doing this even the number of lines in the editor are only 19

so please help me


Usually you don't write

$auff = $auff++;

just simply


That you only have 19 lines in your editor and it's complaining about line 20 might be that you've managed to remove some of the HTML tags that are needed. Try resetting the code and pasting your solution into it, making sure not to erase any of the necessary HTML tags.