Well This Is Different…

Hello all!

Decided to make a big change at 32 and learn something completely new, so I’m starting the Full Stack career pathway. This couldn’t be further removed from my current job so the whole thing is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

It’s been a long time since I studied anything in as in-depth a manner as so I was wondering, do any of you take notes, either physically or digitally? If so, is it more helpful than just recalling cheat sheets or the like? I understand everyone learns differently but I just wanted some different perspectives.

Personally, I’ve got several notepads (physical), that I use. Some, I’ll use to take notes on what I think its important, write down nice and neat and organised, then put away and never look at again ( just writing it down usually helps getting it sorted in my head)
Then I’ll have other scribble pads that I use for things like planning stuff out.
I also have various webpages bookmarked and sorted into folders - some for things like cheatsheets, others for stuff I might want to have a more thorough look over at a later date.
Of course, after a while some of the stuff I struggled with to start with had become second nature, so I every so often just take a little time to review and discard some of it - and look at some and ask why the heck I wanted it in the first place.

But, as you say, it’s going to be personal to you. So do what you feel comfortable with.
Good luck.


I am new as well to coding. I think the most important thing is knowing your learning style, there are many quizzes and such you can take to figure that out. However, I am a person whose learning style changes on the subject, so it can vary.

Personally, I am not much of a digital gal so I prefer just using a notebook. I use three colors for my pens, black, blue, and red. Red for example is things I tend to forgot about frequently, common errors, etc. Blue is used for gray areas, terminology and such. Black is just for organizing my lesson titles, and general information. Other than that I do not necessarily worry about how aesthetically pleasing my notebook looks. If I stumble across problems, I will just scan that part of my notebook for the clarification and the colors help me a lot. Lastly, if I simply do not understand a topic I will scan the forum or head to YouTube for further visual explanations!

In the end it is completely up to you and I hope your learning goes well!!