"Well, It's not Like Anybody said Pigs Can't Fly"; What Redefining Principal Beliefs would Look Like

So, we need to talk.

Chillax, I ain’t going to yell at nobody, just wanted to scare you a little. You know how a lot of people say that the sky’s the limit. Well, why is there even a limit? What happened to large impact of innovation that can be helped by globalization? If the sky really is the limit, even if it is a large one, we’l never be able to go past it once we’ve reached it! But that’s not what I’m here for; I’m here because I have another story to tell. So, I’m halfway through my course and I love hearing what everyone has to say with like the little videos that you get with people who’ve made it big in the industry. So I’m Working and Working (I spent a lot of time, hence the capital W), and I find that I get a headache. It’s unbearable, and I can’t even think straight anymore. I tell myself it’s just from staring too long at the screen, and I’m thinking, am I going to do any permanent damage? Coding is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world, but at what cost? We’ve all heard that watching TV/screens are bad for us, so why do we use this way to code? I know there are a lot of ways that eyestrain can be reduced but this got me thinking; are there other ways we can code? Say write code down and then feed it into a PC, and it reads the code? Has anyone heard of such inventions? I feel like they would give people a chance to experience, say it with me, the long, lost art, of handwriting. Also, while such an idea would take a long time, can it be processed faster. Or another similar but more efficient idea can may even be saying the code out loud, and a computer just analyzes what you are saying. Or maybe even condensing code into a few buttons that you can press that carry on your device The thing about coding is that the possibilities are endless, so there’s nothing that your imagination can’t accomplish. And for the record, I know pigs can’t fly, but we have to reevaluate in some situations what we believe is possible, redefine our… definitions of what we’re able to do. I’m not saying pigs should fly, I’m saying that this is the answer we should give to people who think that there are limits. Read the title again for me. Acknowledge that you are ignorant to the fact that pigs can’t fly, that’s the way to approach frustration and a lack of motivation from constantly learning. Only then, can we see what is invisible to out eye, what we see and what we know of the world, but clear in our mind’s eyes.


Oh man, I feel you. To all the people who code: TAKE BREAKS. Breaks are super important, whether you’re learning in front of a screen or with a book. Don’t sit for too long, exercise a bit. Distract, do something else you like. Give your brain some time to refresh, then you can come back, find new perspectives and just keep going.

Well there used to be something called punch cards…a long time ago, when programming was still starting out. I’m guessing there was a reason why we didn’t keep on using them :upside_down_face:
I mean, writing the code in our computer, now we have specialized IDEs that help us with detecting syntax errors, we have autocomplete, etc. I don’t think we would have those advantages if we wrote code in a paper. Writing code manually and feeding it into a computer would also have its cons anyways. Can you imagine having to write 1000 lines of code manually? Man, my wrist would be screwed :sweat_smile:

I like that you came up with other new ways to code, though. But, in my very humble and personal opinion, I’d keep coding in my computer and learn to take good care of my health :slightly_smiling_face:


Same reason we have miners ruining their lungs, and office workers destroying their backs and cardiovascular health sitting at a desk: it’s the way society works and we need money for food and shelter. You can only hope that some people do their jobs also because they like them.

Very impractical. Any reasonably functional and useful piece of software will have thousands of lines of code. Not something you want to write by hand. But technically you can. With OCR you can translate your handwriting to typed text.

Tell that to anyone under 22 going to school days. I think we all have all fair share of handwriting and I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t know how to write by hand yet.

You mean like when you ask Siri/Alexa/Google for the weather? or to make a reminder for later? Can you imagine what it would be like to dictate code outloud? “Start a function called count primes. It takes 1 parameters with name num. Inside the function define a variable called all primes and initialize to an empty array…” It would take forever to code anything! And what’s going to happen to your voice after doing that 40 hours a week? And can you do that next to your coworkers while the do their own dictation?

We’ve done that. It’s called a keyboard. Computers have big ones and smartphones and other smaller devices have them in short form with touch screens. You can press this buttons to do code.

With enough thrust, anything can fly. A fridge can fly, your bed can fly! Don’t constraint yourself here. Easiest way would probably be with large balloons, but the knowledge is largely available online to calculate needed thrust based on weight for a quad-copter for example. Take those material requirements to a workshop with a CNC and get cracking!

Are you trying to say we should be humble but approach anything with a scientific method of probably doubt? I’m with you then. Study a problem, craft a theory, test it, analyze the outcome, and start over again


Yes, so nice to see that you agree!!! I guess being humble would mean that we don’ think we’re beter than anybody or make anybody feel differently because we have different opinions, but ya studying a problem and coming to a conclusion on what to do next is what I meant.

Love the “We’ve done that”. Also, feel like i momentarily forgot about the invention of the greatest thing known to humanity (OK, one of the greatest things), the keyboard. But ya, this was just me spewing out idea, nothing realy thought about. The whole post was really me saying, are here other ideas we can use to solve a specific problem? But ya.

This is just sad. I hadn’t realized how much of an impact that there was beyond just coding. We really need to find some solutions for things. Like, (again, just spewing ideas, even if they may be bad): Better sysytems, healthcare coverage (I mean, I’m not sure if they’d get benefits though), special masks??

But anyways, thank you for your informational comments are of taking the time to read my post!

Not me, bro. A few months ago, I lost a bet which resulted in me using Notepad. So now for the next 3 years no VS Code or Atom. Only Notepad.

The future is dull for me…

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Yeesh, that seems like a bit of a risky bet. I’d imagine you covered it in the bet, but how about Sublime?

It is certainly more difficult to use notepad, though not impossible. I think I rely on error messages more than my text editor

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It’ll get worse before it gets better. Be optimistic! :slight_smile:

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Oh man. That’s why I don’t bet :frowning:


Yeah, Sublime Text was also covered. In fact, every IDE and text editor (except Notepad) was covered. Even Notepad++ is better than Notepad. I can’t even use some web IDE like Code Sandbox, Codepen, or jsfiddle.

I’m new, so this is all a HUGE headache for me. I’m only at least 3 days old on Coding Academy, but I really like it! Very happy with this! :smiley:

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