Welcome to Trails, a web app for easily organizing your mountain adventures!

Hi everybody,
I just completed the skill path Build Python Web Apps with Flask.
This is the final path of a streak of three: I started with HTML and CSS, then moved to JavaScript to end my journey with Flask.

I used this final project as an excuse to explore several aspects of building a web app:

  • Flask and Jinja for the python backend.
  • Bulma a CSS framework for building responsive websites (I discovered node-sass along the way).
  • Heroku and Docker for deploying the final web app.
  • GitHub Actions to activate the automatic deploy of my app directly from pushes on the main branch of the repository.
  • Click for developing a simple but effective CLI to mange the database used by the app.
  • Pre-Commit! This is by far the repository with the highest number of pre-commit hooks I ever used.

Please consider that Trails run on a free Heroku Dyno so you may experience some delay if the Dyno is sleeping and you are the first visiting the web app. I do not expect this free plan to withstand high concurrencies, so… please be patient if you experience some delays.

Now some info about Trails.
You can create an account if you like (there is no email verification so you can use a fancy one) or you can log in with the example account:
Email: example@email.com
Password: example_user

Every night (at 1 AM UTC time) the database is erased and the example account is restored to its original state.
Feel free to explore!

This web app is just a proof of concept, a simple experiment…
As usual, feedbacks are welcome!


Here is the repo.



Very nice.
Runs very smoothly for me.

Is there any specific feedback you were looking for?

Hi @johnLohavichan296750!

Considering that for the time being this app is just a lists-with-icons manager (not really useful indeed), is there something you really like (or don’t like) about this concept?

Maybe you have some suggestions to share (regarding the user experience, features you would implement or the code itself)…

I asked to be clearer because there are a few paths you could explore.

I think lists for hiking are great. I always make a list for my camping trips as I usually over or under pack.

Depending on what use you had in mind for this app I think you could explore a few paths. Like is it more for a family hike, friends hike, some group sponsored hike, just yourself? If it should be shared then more collaboration features would be interesting to explore. Pre built lists could be interesting and save time - but again it depends on who this is for and what problem it’s trying to solve for them.

I’m not sure about how it should evolve.
I’m not trying to replicate the user experience of some hiking apps I actively use. Especially for the routing details… I think that one can choose among several existing (and really good) apps in these regards.

I never considered how backpacking influence the preparation and the trail itself. This is an interesting hint.

Thank you!