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Hey y’all! I’m Raeven, and I’m currently a first-year at University of Virginia (but I’m from New Orleans). I thought it’d be neat to get familiar with coding again, so here I am. I actually used Codecademy in my middle school Web Mastering class when it was still in its early stages (circa 2011-2012), so I was stoked to come back and see how it’s grown. I just started, so I’m currently trying to work through CSS before choosing a language. I think I might start with JavaScript, but we’ll see how it goes! Excited to start coding again :smile:


Hello all!

Currently working in finance but have always been interested in the tech field. Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to work in a mix of the two (Finance systems).

Currently learning python for both the new position and personal projects I’d like to work on in the future. :grinning:


I am Charlie. Just wanted to learn something new. My son told me about this site , so here I am


Hello, I’m Hannah!
I’m 14 … homeschooled and like to learn new things…
I have done two years with Khan academy, another online coding academy…
I like coding because you can create stuff…


hi my name is francis and i program for fun


Hello fellow programmers!
my name is James.
I am a student.
I want to create programs that are fun, like games or joke programs.
I use codecademy as it is easy to learn and cost efficient.
I have taken the HTML and CSS course. I am at the moment learning python.

Happy Programming! :slight_smile:


Hello all! I’m Anna, and I live in Australia :smiley:

I’m just changing careers, was previously a light vehicle and heavy diesel mechanic, and have decided to go back to university to study Networking and Cybersecurity. Three things I like are cars, cryptocurrency, and music. I don’t speak any code fluently (yet) but I’m here to get a head start on the basics, and am really excited about learning more.

I’m 23 and total newb, but super friendly :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone!
I’m new to codecademy and coding in general, and in two months i’m about to start an offline bootcamp. I’m here to prepare myself to be ready to start it and to enlarge my knowledge of coding in general.
I’m Luis, 27 years old and at the moment i’m studying wine in Italy. My first real passion has always been computers and web surfing since i was a kid, i decided to focus on it because it’s the only thing that i like to do as i was a child with a toy and really every new thing i undestand make me even more curious on the next thing. Thank you!


Hello, my name is Chris. I want to learn Full Stack Web Development. That’s why I joined Code Academy. It was highly recommended to me.

I have been in the web field since 2000. I know HTML and CSS, but I want to master it so I can hard code. I do not know JavaScript. I hope by the end of my year here to be able to hard code all three.

Nice meeting everyone.


I am new to coding
just started with the html class on codeacedmy
I wanted to know what does


Greetings Everyone!

Happy new year to you all.

My name is Akeyla and I work as a level 2 Application Support with a well-known bank.

One of my new year’s resolutions is the learn Python and Linux so that I may achieve the certifications before I get married.

I am 30 years old with 2 children, my son, who is 11 is interested in creating his own video games. So I decided to take this course not only for my benefit, but so I can share this site with him so that he may learn as well.

My ultimate goal is to be apart of the cybersecurity red team within the next 5 years.

Thanks for letting me share :smile::smile::smile:


Hello everyone here! I’m Lukman Adeoti. I’m new here. I have no basic knowledge of programming. I need beginner’s guide in order to learn it. I look forward to learn from everyone… Thanks


Hi everyone, I just wanted to say hello and to make new friends and get a mentor to teach me about Python and other forms of coding. I am really excited and looking forward to this wonderful experience in the coding world. Thanks, Tobor.


Whats Good My name is Jam I’m new to all of this so I’m 100% lost.
I’m 18 senior in High-school and wanna learn how to make Cryptocurrencies But from scratch but I don’t know where to start.

1 thing about me is that I’m A huge cartoon Network fan


Hello everybody!

My name is Manuel Bojato, 23 years old guy, been a codecademy user since February 2016, currently finish my Electronic Engineering career here in Colombia :smiley:

I started at Codecademy through the HTML and CSS courses, then moved forward to Javascript ones. Then finished the JQuery and Sass courses but had to stop learning due to university responsibilities. Even though I didn’t used this knowledge in 2016, this year was pretty related to coding skills and web development.

So I start learning PHP as fast I could and got ready to handle some task on certain subjects of my career. It served me very well and managed to do good works, also I learned GitHub and Java (Android), C# (Xamarin Form) in an university course called mobile programming. All of this because of my deep love to programming and how useful it can be for us.

Codecademy was the first step toward what I am loving to do and want to work on my future as professional engineer. Currently I’m learning Python for Data Science through another online platform called Datacamp (that i paid for an annual subscription) and have done a Introduction to Django free course at Udemy. I am also interested in Ruby but the best Introduction to Ruby course that I have found is here :blush:

You can find what I have done (some little tasks for the mobile programming course, and other academic related stuff) on my GitHub page [See profile].

By the way, I’m saving the Codecademy spanish version of PHP course since it is pretty useful and can be improved, but for now, just as general information.


Hello Everyone,
I am Philip, a 52 yr old disabled US Navy Veteran currently residing in Southwest Virginia, near Tennessee. I am married with 2 grown sons and I also have 1 four year old granddaughter. I have a technical background. I have an AAS with a major in Radiologic Technology and training in CT and MRI and also in computer and a BS in E-Business Management, which I have never really put to good use. I am here to re-learn much of what I first learned in college. I am looking to freelance and maybe even teach down the road, but for now, I am in learn mode. I am a born again follower of Jesus Christ, I am a semi-professional guitar player, I sculpt, I love spending time with my family and friends, and I enjoy my pet cats. I look forward to working with many of my fellow coders in training!


Hello everyone!
I’m a teacher of English from Honduras. I have a foreign languages degree but I’m also a law student. I’m planning to use these new skills personally but also professionally if possible and I’m using Codecademy because I’d like to learn how to code properly. I began studying programming just two days ago so I’ve only completed the HTML course but I’m planning to take all of them.
I’ve never been to any meetups or events but I’d love to.

I hope to learn a lot here and get to know new people in the process. Feel free to ask for help and I’ll be pleased to help you if I have the possibility to.

Have a nice day!



I’m Nicoleta - joined Codecademy a while ago, but I did not really have the time to study (or the right motivation). I’m building a site for my small business and in the process I thought I could use Codecademy to develop my skills.
I’m a legal geek - in training. I did the HTML and bits of CSS, looking forward to getting the basics on JavaScript and Python.



I am mechanical engineer by degree and day trader by passion .
Learning Python (my 1st programming language) to eliminate human intervention.

I am also a Music Producer and MESSI Fan !!

Happy learning !!


i dont know about java at all want i speak even netherlands bad in chat and in english same but can i get to work with this if am handicap with cogen symdrome thawork to sickness if cant not good reading and numbers to get and i am sorry that my english is not so good even if i learnit on anime i can not good reading so i need help to get work on java want i like to learn how to make minecraft mods if i can’t not learn to make mod what can i do if am bad to reading in both in netherlands and english i have skype and discord if better want to undersand me