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Hey guys!

My name is Oliver, i don’t have a profession currently, but have wanted to become a game developer since i was 7. I’ve been learning HTML and CSS over the past year and have learned some necessary skills for web development. The reason I’ve picked up on HTML is because it’s a simple language to learn before i dive into more complex languages like C#. I have joined Codecademy a day ago and i have learned that computer science is not only useful in computers; but basic logical problems that we may face day-to-day. I joined Codecademy to expand my programming knowledge so i can start developing projects.

Happy coding!

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My name is Caleb and I am in the prosses a switching careers from the hospitality industry to the field of web development.
So far I have learned basic Js, intermediate Python, Sql, Html, Command line and also spent a fair amount of time building a few Wordpress websites using Elementor and Figma to live.
Feeling like I am all over the place and hoping to have a more solid path to success in programming and web development.
Also I am 43, a new dad and have been at this for almost two years.
Look forward to meeting and working together with you!
Caleb Smith


Hello I am 30 yrs old and want to transition from mechanical engineering to data / ML engineering type of work


Hi everyone! My name is Olga and I’m 35 living in Dallas, Texas, have been a teacher for 18 years but decided to finally switch to something that I’ve always wanted which is coding, started my way with codecademy a little bit over a year ago and also studied with a mentor at the same time. I hope I can meet some people to collaborate with, maybe study together or write some cool projects. My goal is to be a MERN developer, really in love with js both front-end and back-end so if you want to do something together I’m all up for it, also if anyone needs some help in understanding something if I can help I will be more than happy!


Hi there! My name is Natalia. I’m 41 and want to switch my career from Workforce Managemen to Tech. I have been learning on Codecademy since July this year and will start an intensive Web Developer Bootcamp in Jan 2024.


Hi, my name is Seth, I’m 33. I currently work in the oil and gas industry but would love to get into web development. I’ve been pretty computer savvy since the box apple computers came out.lol.
If anyone knows someone who has been in a coding career could you please have them share their story on how they go going. I work alot and can’t just quit my job, so im wondering how other folks have been able to switch careers without having to quit their job and pay their bills.
I wish you all the best.


Hi I’m L. I work on distributed data and crypto solutions. Now brushing up on Python and machine learning to do more integrations of distributed data and AI. Here’s a bit on Python debugging I did with ChatGPT. Would love feedback on more well-formed prompts.

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Hello, my name is Dillon a 31 year old skydiving instructor. Recently was in a motorcycle accident that has impacted my life physically. Luckily I will make a full recovery but during this time I thouht it would be a great time expanding skills for a new career outside of falling out of airplanes.

So far its been an intimidating process but rewarding. I am excited to continue on my journey and hope to see it through till the end!


Hey Code Academy enthusiasts!

:wave: I’m Jesse, a Solar Project Manager with a passion for strategic planning and implementation in the solar energy sector. My expertise lies in managing risk and elevating the quality of solar operations.

Industry & Profession: I’m deeply immersed in the solar energy field, specializing in both residential and commercial projects. My current role at SolarEdge in Milpitas, CA, involves spearheading a unique customer support venture, emphasizing account retention, fleet management, and in-field equipment replacement services.

Coding Journey: Excited to share that I’m diving into the world of coding to enhance my strategic planning capabilities further. The plan is to leverage these new coding skills to streamline processes, automate workflows, and contribute to the ongoing innovation in the solar energy industry.

Looking forward to connecting with fellow learners, sharing experiences, and gaining insights from this vibrant Code Academy community. Let’s code toward a sustainable and tech-driven future! :sun_with_face::computer:



Hello everyone!

My name is Dave, and I’m a 24 year old Data Scientist and BI Analyst. I originally used Codecademy to learn Python 2 in 2016, and now I’m looking to use it for building a team of programmers and to do some professional development of my own.

print('Hello World!')

Hi all!

I’m Kieran, a live sound engineer/sound designer. From South Africa but living in the UK/all over the world for work. Recently decided to commit to learning Python on Codecademy. Other than a basic understanding of AppleScript, I have no prior coding knowledge. Learning to code for a hobby/personal projects for now however a possible career change in the future!


Hi there, I’m Mike. I’m currently a photographer at a large retail company who’s dabbled in coding over the years and beginning to make the leap in switching career fields into something IT related. Trying to wrap my head around the many positions in the field, seeing the roles they play in the grand scope of things, and trying to figure out where I’d be best suited. I love what I do currently (which I don’t take for granted) but after almost 20 years I’m excited about new challenges and career paths. So here goes nothing!


Hello, my Name is Benjamin. I’m a 42yo Physiotherapist and Dad of two from Germany trying to change careers.

Dabbles with HTML and CSS for years as a kind of hobby and just made the decision to dive in deeper.

I’m currently trying to get into web development and maybe trying to go full stack later on.

Hope to meet new people as well here on CodeCademy.


Hello Natalia, I’m so glad more women join tech and I would like to say that if you need help with anything, you can message me, I have been learning coding for one year now with three different resources and a mentor so If I can explain some things that are hard i will be happy too! I was in a bootcamp myself for one week but realized that I wont be able to learn the core there so I left after one week and started studying with a mentor, and it was the best decision for me. But some other people really loved bootcamp so if anything I can help with please message me I will be happy to cooperate!

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Hi there,

I’m Marijke, I live in the Netherlands and am pretty new to coding. English isn’t my first language but I try my best! I already finished the free HTML-course at Codecademy and now I’m planning on the Full-Stack Engineering path. I would like to be a developer or something like that next to my current career. Now I’m an online language teacher and entrepreneur. All the information on Codecademy is pretty overwhelming but I hope to find my way within a few days.


Hi devs,

My name is Indy, 33 years old. Already a self taught fullstack developer :nerd_face:. My company has multiple apps with the following stack; Oracle db, Spring Framework(so Java) and React(so JavaScript/TypeScript). Always looking for some new ways to learn new things :100:. Starting with the Fullstack course but also interested in the AI courses and maybe learning some Python ect. Also want to make a nice portfolio of the things I learn.

:wave: Nice to meet you! :wave:


Hey all,
I’m a 24 year old from Michigan. I am currently unemployed, but I have a CCNA certification and have previously worked in cyber security. I left my job due to some health issues I was having at the time. I’m thinking about doing a coding bootcamp but I am working through Codecademy’s full stack course to gain some initial knowledge first, and add to my resume. I’m hoping to pivot away from cyber security into software engineering and web development.


:wave: Hi everyone,
My name is Stefan, and I live in Indonesia. I have always wanted to learn something new, which is why I came to Codecademy to learn how to code. I am really interested in becoming a data scientist, and even though I am new here, I wish I could be friends with all of you.

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Hey Dillion! The intimidation part struck a cord with me. Don’t let that inner critic get too loud and just keep on learning in your own pace. Greetz from Berlin.

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Hello everyone! My name is Owen, and I am 27 years old. I have an undergraduate degree in information systems and recently a graduate degree in business analytics. However, I have spent most of my time in education and non-profit work and I got a glimpse of how data and analytics could help mission driven/non-profit organizations and that is the route I am leaning towards. I decided to join codecademy to strengthen my technical skills and network with other individuals because although I had a great experience in my graduate degree program, a year went by really fast, and I want to be able to strengthen my technical skills. I enrolled in the business intelligence career path. It would be great to connect with you all! Owen Giron | LinkedIn.

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