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Hoi there, Whippodee here.

I am a software engineering student looking for ways to expand my coding literacy! Codecademy looks like a great place to start and supplement my education. Please let me know if you want a study buddy, or otherwise wish to chat!

I am thirty (30) years old with a bit of experience in the tech sector, as well as a variety of other businesses including but not limited to financial and healthcare. My interests include telling stories through tabletop roleplaying games, watching funny videos, listening to All the Music™️, and video gaming. I also am known to read fiction on occasion, start and never finish sewing projects, construct and paint miniatures, and bake.

HMU if you’d like!

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HI, My name is Elvis

I’m 14 and I found codecademy as I realized that the robotics team I want to join codes their robot in JavaScript - which I don’t know (python was my fist language) and If I want to stand out during interviews then I’ll have to learn JavaScript. So like any other person, I asked ChatGPT to make me a roadmap of the fastest way to learn JavaScript and the first link it gave me was the introduction to JavaScript.

I like and admire the thought of building and creating whatever you want for whatever reason. I’ve made some basic coding projects that people make when they begin (calculator, rock paper scissors, etc.) but I have yet to make my own thing completely by myself and with the knowledge of JavaScript, I might be able to make a webapp in the future.

I look froward to being part of the community!


hello, i’m ami

i’m 20 and in my gap year after highschool. these past couple years, i’ve thought over my career path over and over and have not been able to commit to anything due to overthinking. the overwhelming amount of choices and the thought that what i choose will define my career for the rest of my life scared me, and as a result i’ve spent a lot of time not making a decision out of fear.

i’m realizing now that what i decide to do now doesn’t have to define the rest of my life, i will always have the option to change careers as needed. what’s important is to get started, and i’ve decided to commit to completing codecademy’s ios developer career path. i’m excited to learn and hopefully meet some like minded friends on the forums along the way! i don’t have much experience in programming so i will probably rely on these forums frequently :slight_smile: nice to meet everyone!


Hello everyone!

My name is Carlos, I’m from Mexico and glad to participate in this community. I have been working in IT for more than 10 years, but mainly in the hardware part of the industry. Now, I’m searching for a career change to the software part. I’m very interested in learning about full-stack development role.


Hello there! My name is Ben and I’m about to start the full-stack engineer path (just finished the learn html course as a warm-up). This feels like yet the beginning of another life after a decade as foreign correspondent and Video-journalist followed by coms for humanitarian and animal welfare NGOs, and now working in web marketing for the same organization haha.
Really looking forward to learning more and more about web development and using my creativity and logic in ways I hadn’t thought before, whether it is for my current organisation or future projects!


I’m Silas I’m just learning code right now to work on stuff i want to make like a clicker game if i can but i bet i will learn a lot more YAY


Hi, my name is Sonny! I have been learning to code for about three months now at Codecademy. Has anyone build a AI system yet?


Hello guys!

My name is John, 28 years old, i am currently working in the army, and i’m learning C++ at the moment, trying to change my path to IT because i love computers and coding.
In the future i would like to get a job at ROCKSTAR, you know how they say: “AIM HIGH”.

Thank you!


Hello, my name is Bola, I am a software developer working with one of the government agencies in UK about a year ago. I have had over 9 years of experience while working as a desktop support engineer however, I switched into software after I completed a software development bootcamp. I am happy to be here to learn and up-skill. Thanks


Hi all; I’m Kay. Excited to keep learning and glad to be a part of the community.


Hi, my name is Francisco and I’m a dentist that recently started my interest in coding. Im 44 years old but I refuse the idea that I’m too old to learn coding, so I’m at it.
I decided I want to learn creating my own apps mainly for educational purpose. Also, I’m a bit obsessed on having a second brain that helps me with figuring out gaps and bias when reading scientific literature.

Good I joined this group.


Hey! I am Misty, and I work from home as a freelance web designer. I joined Codecademy to increase my skill set. I currently am working on learning more about JavaScript and PHP. I have a degree in Digital Media/Web Technology, certificate in networking and CompTIA A+ certification. I love learning new things, overcoming obstacles, and and meeting challenges- plus I am a military spouse! Have a great day everyone.


Hi - I’m Adam Turner from SW London. I’ve been using Codecademy since 2014 or even longer than that - I’m a happy customer!

I’ve studied most of the Full Stack Engineer path on here, completed courses elsewhere and worked as a frontend dev in the past, but freelance most of the time now.

I’d like to get a job as a full stack software engineer soon, so being in a group like this I’m hoping will help with motivation and peer support!




Hello! I am Luca. I have done about 60% of the ‘Learn Java’ course on codecademy. I am now starting the Back end Engineer career path. I am excited to meeting you!


Hi, my name is Jan and I am 26.

Skip this if you don’t want to hear my life story :stuck_out_tongue:

I have spent years always wanting to learn to program but always stopping somewhere along the way due to various reasons. Mostly a lack of maturity. I learned a bit of java starting in 8th grade but gave up quickly. I did learn a bit more once I took a high school class in 11th grade where I could ask my teacher questions and even joined the programming club, but alas that was not meant to be as all the guys in there were either much better than me and didn’t want to teach others or played games.
I stopped again but starting once again when I went to University at the age of 17, where all I really wanted to do was party after about the first week because I was overwhelmed. I did continue classes but fell off hard and stopped before trying the following year again.

This is where I dropped out at 19 and pursued a life of minimum wage jobs including working at a pawn shop for about 8 months. I learned a lot about life and where I don’t want to be seeing a lot of the customers. I signed up for a vocational training in Germany and moved there for a certification as an electronics technician working on PCBs and so forth. (I am German so it was a move back home really) I finished my training early 1 year early (3 and 1/2 year program) in 2020 with a very good score that impresses most employers which has gotten me fairly high paying jobs and I even now work at a world class facility for the future of Science (I will not name it thanks for asking though)

So now we are at the current time, where I have spent some time messing around with Arduinos and therefore know a bit of basic C++ coding. I however do not like the language that much personally and therefore chose recently due to a colleague of mine being a good mentor to start learning Python. I don’t mean he is teaching me things, but rather just encouraging me to try again and to ask possibly if I can use it for work purposes to gain experience.
I started the computer science career path once again! This time I plan to stick it through until I either finish it and can get a job or switch to another field of coding.

Please send me your tips, encouragement and anything else!

Oh and last but not least… typical ADHD brain that has never been diagnosed (and will probably continue to put it off since I don’t wanna afford going to a therapist/psychologist.



My name is Erik Javier Baaken. I currently live in Sweden and I started a ‘distance’ study called: “Internet of Things” last September. I have no programming background whatsoever and so far this is very challenging. I find it very interesting and look forward to getting to know this world much better. It is proving frustrating at times and I bet loads of newbies like me experience the same feelings when stepping into this unknown area.

During our lectures we started with Python3 and I decided to subscribe to CodeCademy in order to keep up. I feel I am way way way behind when it comes to knowledge compared to fellow students. Hopefully soon I will get the hang of it. Those who feel like they’re on their own, fear not (I know I do), there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Other than this, I am a 43 year old married guy and plan on changing careers. I run the finances at our tiny law practice. My wife who is the lawyer shares the excitement and might even consider changing careers too. We’ll see where the tides take us!


Hello I’m Joe!
I’m new to programming, although I’ve always been in touch with computers and technology. Some time ago I’ve studied music composition and production at college and now I want to develop new skills in computer science. At my 40’s I’m pursuing a new career as a Front End Developer (HTML, CSS, Java Script…), Chat GPT suggested me to start learning at Codecademy and some other sites too… So here I am! Trying to catch up with new technology trends, studying hard and getting improvement everyday.


Hello. My name is Sachiko. I live in Yokohama Japan. I wanted to do a career switch so I am currently studying for Full Stack Engineer course in Codecademy. I don’t have any work experience in tech nor build a website before. But I started to get interested when I tried a free course about the Intro for HTML and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope I can build a community here . Nice to meet you all :wave:t2:


Howdy fellows!

I am from Sydney Australia and learning data science as my background was in accounting and taking that analytical skills and leaning coding such as python and sql to move up the data ladder.

So far so good and I am loving Codecademy platform for learning.


Hey guys!

My name is Oliver, i don’t have a profession currently, but have wanted to become a game developer since i was 7. I’ve been learning HTML and CSS over the past year and have learned some necessary skills for web development. The reason I’ve picked up on HTML is because it’s a simple language to learn before i dive into more complex languages like C#. I have joined Codecademy a day ago and i have learned that computer science is not only useful in computers; but basic logical problems that we may face day-to-day. I joined Codecademy to expand my programming knowledge so i can start developing projects.

Happy coding!

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