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Hello everyone! Nice to meet y’all.

I am Ishwar P. Hazarika from India and I am 16 years old.

I don’t work in any industry yet as I am still a kid studying in High School but I am really keen to start my coding journey at here. I do know the working of a computer and have a basic knowlegde of HTML but other than that I don’t have much knowledge about other programming languages. I actually came to know about this website via Chatgpt as I requested it to suggest me some sites where I could learn coding and all so that’s that haha.

Let’s see, I must learn the basics before I do something with it. Well I am eager to make a website for my personal blog and also I am interested in Game developement. If I get really good at it, I might apply at Ubisoft here at India and etc. That would a dream come true. Speaking of web developement, I would like to make utility applications which are helpful and put them up on Google Playstore. So yeah, that’s just what I have to say about my expectations on this beautiful journey :slight_smile:

btw this site is really pretty and clean, I like the interface a lot :smiley:


Hello world!

I am a qualified electrician running his own business and trying to learn to code on the side. At the moment, I just want to learn how to build my own websites and run my own SEO. I am starting to see how much is involved in coding and there are many avenues to traverse.

I really enjoy coding and developing websites! I feel like its what I started to do in school and then never pursued it properly. Looking forward to learning more



heyhey! my name’s aslan and im currently 14 but turning 15 later this year. i’m a student and pretty new to all of this but i’ve had my account on codecademy for about 3 years? i just want to get more into coding and take it slow while also doing something i’m interested in! sure i’m young but that doesn’t mean i can’t try right? i want to be a software engineer when i’m older so why not get some practice now? i’m also hispanic and can speak spanish too! going into high school in about 3 months so i wanna be prepared! that’s all from me, goodbye now!!

Hey all, name is Eric. I’m taking the Full Stack route. My background is in IT, and I freelance a little bit in web dev. My goal is to move away from IT and move into development full time. I like both jobs but my preference is development. Nice to meet you all

Hello Codecademy gang.

I’m Grant Flanders and based in the middle of the United States.

I have a bachelors degree in journalism and have been using that ever since graduating in 2019. I learned a few bare bone coding basics in a course I took in college, but am now interested in learning a lot more here.

I am fully focused on a career change into web development. I’m grateful for Codecademy and look forward to diving deeper into the Full-Stack career path and more. I am about to complete the fundamentals of HTML. With almost all my focus recently turned toward this, I hope to complete this career path within the next couple months, while job hunting along the way.

Hope everyone is doing well and happy!

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Hello everyone, my name is Ramon, I’m 34 years old. I currently attend Atlanta Technical College and am studying to become a Cloud Developer. I want to learn all there is to know about coding to better my chances at landing a position as a full-stack developer. Look forward to connecting with some of you through out the course, and hope to build some meaningful connections.

  • Hi :slight_smile: my name is Gracie
  • I’m currently a yoga teacher and circus arts performer :slight_smile:
  • With my new coding skills I will rebuild my yoga website and use my beaucoup bucks to travel the world to participate with different circus communities!
  • I’m using code academy so that I can get a great paying job that is remote and I’m loving bending my brain even though it’s tiring.
  • I am at the beginning of my full-stacked path and ready to rock it!
  • I haven’t been to meetups, but once I feel a little more educated, that sounds fun :slight_smile:
  • I have 5 family members that are front-end and/or back-end developers and they love it and get fat paychecks and I’m excited to embrace the glory of the hard work.
  • Hello, I am Marion
  • I am currently a self study student going through the Full-Stack Developer path. I also study Mandarin Chinese and read book in different topics that interest me.
  • I have been coding since 5 years ago when I joined a Python class, but I really fell in love with programming when I joined and game development class and used C# to code Unity games. I really love using C# and hope to get to use it more in a future career.
  • I am learning full-stack to get a job, but also to work on and complete some personal projects for ideas I’ve had about websites and mobile apps.
  • I am excited to learn and grow with everyone else, and I’m sure that through this I can keep up my motivation and grow as a developer.

Nice to meet everyone and I hope to get to know some of you guys better.

Hi, everyone!

This feels like a mandatory school forum post, but I know being here will prove to be more fruitful for me. My name is Oriana, but anyone can refer to me as Ori. I just finished up a semester of college and decided, sporadically, that I wanted to throw myself into the depths of coding chaos. I have never held a job before, and that was part of the reason I wanted to come here, so I could learn things that would make me more appealing as a job applicant even with relatively no experience in any field. I plan on using the knowledge I accrue as a means to further opportunities for employment, as well as make headway with personal projects I do on the side. Overall, I am here for a mix of reasons, both personal and professional. Regardless, I am having a lot of fun, and I look forward to expanding my repertoire of information, as well as learning from and working with others in the same boat as myself.

Fun fact: I am an artist on the side. I do commission work to make a bit of spending money while I tend to my education and other aspects of life. I even drew my profile photo!

Happy coding!

Hi, Marion!

It is nice to meet you. How long have you been studying Mandarin Chinese? That sounds like a tough, but rewarding experience.
As far as coding goes, what would you say is your favorite language so far? C# is one of the languages I want to learn for the same purpose of coding games! I also want to learn Java for the same reason. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, and I wish you the best of luck with what you do.

Happy coding, Marion!

Hello World!
My name is Julian and I am looking to change my career to software developer.

I am from the US, but I have been living in Seoul Korea for the last 10.5 years. (My wife, son, and I are in the process of moving back to the US)

I am currently in the education field as a content developer. However, after discovering what software development really was, I decided that this was the path that I wanted to follow.

My goal is to have the Full-stack Developer career path completed by the time we move back to the US and therefore, I can begin to change my career once we are back in the US.

I guess that’s it. Looking forward to reading everyone else’s intros!

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hi everyone
im a normal student like so many others but my passsion is programming and i want to continue it for the university

Hello everyone! I am Emmanuel. I have been a content writer for the past five years, and I am looking for a career change. I have always had a passion for programming, but my anxiety has always gotten the best of me. Last year, I was supposed to complete the Full Stack Developer Career Path, but I failed to do so. However, I have finally gathered enough courage to give it a crack. I look forward to connecting with others and learning as much as I can on this interesting journey. Cheers!

I am here to introduce myself and to get to know all of you.

Hello! My name is Joe. I’ve been in the special education field for 25 years and along the way I’ve developed online courses and marketing content for companies that contract with public schools. I’ve dabbled in HTML, CSS, Python and game dev on various platforms for well over a decade, and I’ve finally taken the plunge and started the Full Stack career path.

My goal is to begin applying for a job as a front-end or full stack developer in six months. This will be a total career change, but I believe I have many transferable skills that will help me get the position I want - at age 51!

I love CodeCademy!

I have shared my plans with a few people that are close to me. Some were encouraging while others were not, but I will not listen to the nay-sayers, doubters, skeptics and discouraging comments from people who do not share the passion I have for learning, and for coding and development.


Hi everyone, I’m Gavin! I’m 24, and I was on Codecademy in middle school (back when it was CodeAcademy lol) but decided to break it back out to spruce up my resume and get a job in data science. I studied German and Math in undergrad so I’m currently following the Natural Language Processing track of the Data Science course. Looking forward to getting to know people on these forums!

Hi Oriana. So far C# is my favorite, but I like using JavaScript as well. I started to learn Java and it’s a little different than C#, but once I got the basic idea of coding in C#: JavaScript, and Java were pretty easy to understand and follow. Mostly just the syntax was a little different. Coding will definitely help with job applications, especially if a little coding know how is required for the job. I hope you have fun in your coding and your artwork.

Hello everyone!

My name is Tyler, and I’m on the path to becoming a full-stack developer.

I have a dream of starting my own online business, and I’ve had this dream for…years now, it feels like. The problem is that I’ve fallen victim to burn out and fatigue a multitude of times, but I always seem to come back yearning for more. I’ve learned over the years that I tend to get hyper fixated on something and then move on to something else when I get bored. This normally happens when I start getting deep into JS.

This time (hopefully) is different. I’m ready to make my dream a reality, and I’m excited to be taking the journey alongside everyone here.

Here’s to a successful 2023. It’s almost half way over but there’s still plenty of opportunity to learn and grow :muscle:


Hi! I’m a college student from the Midwest. I am majoring in psychology, but I’m on the fence about where I want to go with this degree. I know this is super silly, but I asked ChatGPT what I could learn in three hours, and it recommended that I try taking a lesson on Codecademy.

It felt like the perfect suggestion, because I already knew some HTML, and I just started going out with a man who is a software engineer. I decided to take codecademy’s HTML introduction course to learn more, and I’ll go from there!

I’m having a lot of fun with it so far.


HI y’all! Codecadamy asked me to introduce myself, so here I am! Name’s Daniel, 36 year old teacher from Germany. I am currently learning Computer Science - first of all to become more proficient in my job, but also to maybe be able to change careers one day.
Nice to meet you, btw, Looking forward to an exciting and productive time on here!