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Hello all,
I’m Keith, based near Brighton, UK. Keen to connect with any ‘locals’ to share ideas and maybe collaborate to help the learning process along and keep motivated.

Aged (very) early 40s with a small young family, looking to change careers from construction, having dabbled with different careers in the past, including teaching.
Learning the Full Stack software development / web dev materials, having previously learnt some basics a few years ago.
Keen to get going making some websites for some friends, as well as somehow blend some Data Science stuff, making some web apps such as for business, education or fun.

Happy coding,

Greetings fellow coders,

My name is Amir from East Midlands in UK, trying to learn coding to further my career in engineering, wishing all the best coding fun,


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i am a driver too, and i’m from Vietnam
let’s effort together


Hi im struggling on codeacdemy AND MY MEMBERSHIP IS GOING AWAY

Nice to meet you here colleague. Yeah let’s try hard code together.

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Hello to everyone!
My name is Luis, 35 years old and I’m from Portugal. I’m starting now my journey in Codeacademy and eager to learn more everyday. I’m a computer and technology enthusiast, with some basic knowledge of HTML. A friend suggested me to explore this site and coumunity in order to start learning more deeply coding and web development, so i did and put myself the objective to follow this path to start a carreer in computer coding and web dev. I curently work as an administrative in BackOffice and I’m at a stage of my life that I really need a change, professionaly speaking,
Proud father of a 4 month baby and the main inspiration and motive to follow the path of change and success!
Hope to share this experience with you!


Good luck to you in this new journey !

welcome to codecademy!

Hi there, I’m Elena from Germany. I have started my coding journey a week ago, and so far I’m loving it. Can’t stop studying and feeling like a sponge that wants to soak everything up there is to know about coding :nerd_face: Just by coincidence during my thoughts about switching my profession as a teacher I have stumbled upon coding, and thought why not give it a shot. And now I’m hooked. I am planning to become a backend developer, but let’s see where this journey will take me. I’m especially happy that two friends of mine believe in me that they have offered to let me code their professional webpages. So here I am, having my first two real life projects to work on while learning to code, and experiment with it.
Looking forward to meet everyone here at codecademy :raised_hands: :brain: :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

oh and also, my first question: can someone please help me to change my username? :pray:t4: :innocent: The instruction that I have found via google and the search on codecademy unfortunately didn’t help. Don’t know why I can’t edit it :woman_shrugging:t4: :grimacing:

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Hello everyone. My name is Yura and I am 36 years old. I am from Ukraine, but because of the war I now live in Scotland. I am learning English and taking Full-Stack Engineer course. I hope to find friends here with whom I can develop together on this platform. Now I’ve reached the Pair Programming section, maybe someone wants to join in? I still haven’t figured out how it will work, but I think it should be interesting)). I wish everyone a good mood and motivation to code.

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Hi Yura, I would like to join you. :upside_down_face: can you send me a link? :pray: 'til then have fun coding :raised_hands:

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My name is Amber, and I am 28 years old and from the USA. I just recently started coding this week, which isn’t very long. I have been an educator for the last 5 years and am looking to transition out of my field and into a new one. I took the personality test, selected full-stack engineering, and decided to take the HTML course to become more comfortable with coding. I am learning to code and have been dibbling and dabbling with learning to digitally illustrate and trying to keep up a blog. When you get a chance, check it out.

Other than that, I am an avid reader, a lover of coffee, and lately obsessed with the series The Last of Us.

I hope we grow and thrive together in this community and help one another. No request is too little.
I am unsure where this journey will take me, but I am confident the destination is not within my grasp.


Hello Ladies and Gents,
Im Sonja (JA like Jamaica) from USA. This is all new to me. Today I start the Full Stack Web Development course. Very excited and nervous. Wondering what the process will be like and , of course, the outcome. I’m a newbie so if anyone wants to link up to study or practice, please let me know.
Happy Coding Everyone!

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Hi Elena) I am very glad that you responded) I have not yet fully understood how it should work, but in the near future I will send you a link)))
Best regards

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Welcome Sonja, I am also taking the full stack engineer course and just started. Let’s help each out when we can.

Hey Elena, I tried searching but couldn’t find anything that was helpful on changing usernames. When you do please pass along the info to me.
Thanks a bunch in advanced

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Elena this may sound crazy :melting_face: but I just found out that all I had to do was log out of forum community and log back in.

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Yipp, have found it out :upside_down_face: You can change your username on the codecademy page where our tasks are, not on this forum page. Hope this helps

hehe just replied to you the same thing :blush:

Hey, I’m René — a product designer looking to turn my ideas into products. I’ve been working in startups for over a decade and I’ve always watched code from the sidelines. Now I want to change that. I’m especially interested in learning some frontend skills to stop depending on contractor developers for my project: https://blank.page/

Happy to share this journey here.