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Hi folks,
My name is Kit, I am currently working in the Medical Software industry. I am here to learn Javascript basic, I sort of jump ahead of myself and build a couple of projects in Angular but find it a bit hard using TypeScript without a good foundation in Javascript. So back to the beginning :smiley:

I already step my foot in the tech industry, trying to learn more so I can keep up with the new tech that gets released when I go to sleep!

Hi everyone!
My name’s Jonathan and I have not done any learning with regards to coding or I.T in general since 2003 when I did an NVQ level 2 in I.C.T. I am at an extremely difficult moment of my life, long story short I have experienced the death and terminal illness of multiple members of family and those close to me in life, I fell into a dark place and became an alcoholic opiate addict with no hope of ever getting out, I am unemployed and caring for my dad at home where I live. It’s not all doom and gloom though because I started to look at possibly picking up HTML again and learning to code. I am enjoying it so much that I decided to dedicate all my time to learning HTML, Java, C, Python etc, I do this instead of watching TV or Netflix and chilling and it’s taken over my life in a good way. I read somewhere that a self-taught coder who can back up their talk with amazing practical skills has a chance to be employed in the industry, so I took this and ran with it. My plan is to create my own website which I will use as an online portfolio of all my projects to show prospective employers, I will also complete as many online courses as possible both free and at a fair price that I can find and even if nothing comes of it, I am doing something I enjoy and living my life productively finally. I am at a crossroads but I believe I am doing the right thing.

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My name is Melissa Metz, and I just graduated from the Thinkful Software Engineering bootcamp. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My most recent professional background was in law, and I worked as a Paralegal in Trust & Estates. With my most recent education and continuing education in engineering, my hope is to land a Software Engineering role with a sports, gaming, or car company.

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Hello I am a new programmer and am learning CSS HTML JavaScript Python and PHP

hello there like obi wan kenobi??? :smiley:

I don’t consider 47 as “very old”. I am 61 and last year began learning Javascript, Node and Typescript. Currently I am learning Express.js and React.js - cheers!

I am 18 years old and just starting coding
I hope we can learn new things together
my nickname rahsa

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Hi everyone. I am 40 years old. I am learning how to code from scratch. I just started the front-end engineer career path.



My name is Alan and I live in Columbia, Maryland which is a suburb between Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.

I will start my story from when I was originally in college at the University of Maryland. In those days I was studying Geology trying to find a career where I could study the earth without necessarily going into scientific research. Unfortunately I came up dry from my efforts.

At the same time, I started exploring if I could turn a hobby of mine, photography, into a real career. I eventually gained enough experience to get my first official photography job in 2014. I managed to enjoy photography as a career until 2022 when it became evident that I needed to find a new better paying direction to support myself.

In 2021 while the pandemic was still raging I started to learn how to code by first attending a coding bootcamp live virtual learning program and then decided to switch to their flex program. This course of learning was not for me. It ultimately caused an imbalance for me between working to support myself vs learning to code. Also while I understand you need to fail so you can learn I ultimately was not satisfied with their learning structure of having to constantly experiment with coding instead of learning step by step.

So I have come to Codecademy in hopes that I can expand my knowledge of coding, gain confidence in my coding by seeing my work come together, and gaining the support and motivation I need.

I plan and hope to ultimately use all the skills I can learn from Codecademy to help start a new career where I will be able to support not just myself but my future family and so I can continue to pursue my passions which include photography.


Hey folks! Been on Codecademy for a month or so now, chugging through the JS currently.

Ive browsed the forums from time to time but havent introduced myself yet, so i figured now is a good time to do just that!

So - Here we go…

  • Who are you? -
    My name is Travis, ive been coding on and off for as long as i can remember, starting with BASIC on the old Acorn Electron, touching C++, Java etc along the way. Ive always enjoyed tinkering byut have never stuck with it, which is why im here today!

  • What is your industry and profession? -
    Currently, im a cabbie, but ive always worked in some sort of computery, technical or networking industry.

  • Where do you plan to use your new coding skills? Personally/professionally? -
    I just wanted to open some more doors for a career, or a hobby, i dont really know. Just enjoying the journey!

So thats a little about me, im hoping to be involved in the forums more, so no better way to start than with ‘Hello!’


Hi, I am Elnaz, 38 years old. I got my Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics in 2018 and have been working in academia since then. I have been a postdoctoral researcher since Oct 2020. My specialization is Corpus Linguistics, so I have been working with large language databases to analyze language (mainly English). I have a minimum knowledge of Python and have used it to analyze texts.
I am preparing for a career move to the industry and I decided to do it through Codecademy. I just became a pro member and signed up for the NLP career path. I look forward to getting to know fellow linguists with similar career paths on Codecademy to learn from their experience.

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Hi, I am Ismael, a 27 years old literature editor from Spain. I have always been passionate about cinema and literature, but I have found that in Spain this kind of jobs are underpaid and it is hard to have a good future with them. Because of this I want to completly change my career and look for something better and interesting.

I studied an Audiovisual Communication degree at the university, and I learned some C+, JavaScript and HTML, although it was really basic and simple, I really liked it. Now I am doing the Data Science path in Codecademy, specificly the Natural Language Processing career path.

Right now I am juggling Codecademy with my current job, but I hope this won’t be a handicap.

Have a good day everyone!

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Hi everyone! You can call me Julion.

I’m currently an English teacher in South Korea but I’m looking to change careers. One of my best friends took intensive courses to change careers from a professional photographer to a being a Full-Stack Engineer. I was inspired and hoping to do the same as him. I love working with computers, so I’m hoping this will be a better fit for me!

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Hi everyone,
I’m back after a long time. Registered here a decade ago.
I was also an English language teacher at a private institution in Turkey.
I’m glad that I finally have some time for coding.
I have a question: Can I post answers online or not?
I guess not.
OK. Thanks.
Happy coding! :grinning:

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Hello! My name is Sinava, I am 26 years old from Laurel Maryland. I am currently a dispatcher, and would like to learn coding to become a Front End Developer. I am an artist as well so in addition to the opportunity to improve my problem solving skills, I’m hoping I can use web designing as a creative outlet as well.

Thank You! Good Luck to you all :smiley:


Hi everyone! My name is Gbemi (the G is silent) and I’m a videographer and web developer based in Atlanta GA. I’ve been learning to code and working in tech-related contexts for almost a decade as a website builder and admin, but I have never really put my head down to focus solely on my professional development as a “serious” coder due to my fear of math and higher levels of abstraction. I’m excited to be taking this plunge and hope to learn a lot about what I’m truly capable of and finally earn the tools to build solutions for problems I find in the world. Let’s go be great!

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Hello, My name is Mel and I am from France!
I am a final-year student and I want to work in CRM/digital advertising as a project manager (basically any technical role other than marketing).
I learned a bit of HTML here in 2016 for fun. I learned SQL and Python during my engineering undergrad studies but left them aside during my business master’s.

Thankfully I was able to dust off my SQL skills during an internship (but I am practicing this here). I also discovered and started learning Javascript on the platform (to know more about tracking).
I just started the data engineer career path and I look forward to learning more about this job!

I look forward to meeting people working in those fields! Happy learning to all :wave:

Hi, Isaac here from Los Angeles. I’ve worked in the film and tv biz for a while and am taking an interest lately in becoming a “digital nomad” of sorts so I’ve enrolled in the full stack engineer course. I look forward to seeing if I can develop a real skillset that can serve others as well as my wanderlust. Cheers fellow coders and classmates!

Hi, my name is Marissa. I’m 29.

I’ve just started the front end engineering path. I wanted to start learning code cause I volunteer at a Loyalist Research/Family History facility with my grandmother. I’m going to be making a newspaper article database for it.

After that I may use the skills I’m learning to make a career out of coding, but I’m not sure yet.

Hello Ben Barber here graphic designer and UX/UI designer. Want to learn how to make cool sites using my design skills.

Some of my design work:


I would like to learn how to make sites like these. Excited to join!