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Hello there, My Name is Matias am 27 years old. About a year ago I decided to try teaching myself python for fun and ended up enjoying it more than i imagined i would. Now im looking into possibly switching careers lol. But anyways, decided i needed more of a structured path so i decided to give codeacademy a try. Currently doing the front end dev course. looking forward into seeing what i can learn.

Hi I am Matthew (29 years old). I am a high school science/computer science teacher. I have been learning and teaching React Native with Expo the past year or so, and have felt I needed a platform to push my students farther and faster. Am very excited to have found that in CodeAcademy. I am also excited to see courses for native development in Swift/SwiftUI and Java/Kotlin. This seems like the perfect place for us. :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone,

I am Saanvi, a passionate Front-end Developer that loves to work in React, Vuejs, and Pure JavaScript Environment. I also love to write technical blogs and read Novels and Motivational Books.

I have written some exceptional blogs on platforms like medium and devto. I am working on React projects for ThemeSelection.


Hello everyone!
I’m here to enjoy learning to code. There are already some ideas in my mind that require knowledge of web development. Professionally I work as a pilot, but think that mix of that two will really work for me. Im interested if someone would like to be a studdy buddy. Thanks!

Hello everyone,
My name is Alex and I am a math major in community college. I am still currently working at Costco and occasionally I would work as a math tutor in college. I hope to become a full stack developer and have my own business one day. I’ve been learning web development on my own but I’ve always seem to hit road blocks. I did take web development class in college but we are learning word press which I don’t understand why. I hope code academy can help polishing my web development skills.

Hello All, :wave:
I just joined Codecademy a few days ago. :partying_face:

So far I am enjoying the social & interactive aspects provided, which is what I was looking for. I used to take Colt Steele Courses over at Udemy and don’t get me wrong, I am a massive Colt Steele fan. Colt is top notch

Why I am here?
I just saw the opportunity to learn more and I was also looking for more interaction as mentioned before. I have my heart set on becoming a full stack developer and in a few weeks I will be starting a part-time university course and I will need all the experience I could get.

So far I am enjoying Codecademy, I hope that it will help me achieve my goals.

If anyone reads this, I could really use a partner to help me achieve this goal, whether it be a mentor or someone starting the full stack engineer course like myself, I could really use the accountability.
Nice to meet you all, have a good one!

Good morning
My name is Joe. I am a semi retired tech engineer, musician, educator from the Chicago area. I am married and have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. I am a life long learner and a life long educator. I am nourishing my quest for knowledge. I wish to build my skills to be a full-stack engineer. I am also starting a small business which these new skills will help support. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing ideas.

I have worked in IT for most of the past 15 years (mostly back-end, SQL, server administration). I used to love programming and am feeling burnt out. Hoping to change that and figure out next steps while building a portfolio.

Hi there, I am Tana. I’m quite new to coding. I work currently as a Drilling Engineer but I hope to switch my career to Tech by early 2023. Hopefully, I will be well equipped to work as a software developer after completing my Full Stack Engineer Career Path on Codecademy. I’m happy to receive advice and guidance from other members of this community.


I am 43 years old, from Berlin and originally studied statistics and mathematics. At first I had a job as a clinical data manager and clinical programmer using SAS. Those didn’t go well, there was always knowledge or experience missing in order to do the job to their satisfaction.

Then I had a job as an onboarding agent, didn’t code there at all but it was the job I had longest.

Now I have a new job which I got due to luck and coincidence. I did three training courses for it: JavaScript, PHP and C (the original one). I know SQL already. I received very good grades in those courses but they were for beginners. The work in jobs is always more difficult and now I am confronted with D3 which feels like a completely new language. Not only that but it also looks abstract and not intuitive with lots of fragments put together. It is difficult to see from the code alone what it does. With standard code I could see and analyze it.

I watched a 19h video and reading a 600 page book about D3, but can still not understand most of how it works. Maybe a job with less programming is better, I don’t know. I thought I am IT affine but I don’t see myself as a full developer/programmer like my friend is.
A different video and a shorter book helped me more, they were both intended more for beginners whereas the first ones were targeted at intermediates.

Currently I am trying to solve a Zoom problem which doesn’t work correctly. Is this the right place to ask for help?

Hello! I feel a bit hesistant to introduce myself, since i am very new and still trying to find my way here. I am a dutch female, 29 years old, i work mostly online for a mental health platform, and i just began the front-end engineer path course. I am feeling a tad bit overwelhemed by all the information and already suffering from imposter syndrome, haha, but i think i just have to get familiar around here. Love to meet you all!

Hi all!

I’m a 27 year old from London, England. Recently got fired from my job in consulting and trying to figure out what to do next in my career path.

My flatmate is a software developer and suggested I look into learning to code- which brings me here.

Looking to get stuck in and give things a go and see what happens!

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